Thursday, December 31, 2009

Omri Casspi: The Backstory

You all know that Omri is straight outta Israel. Omri played for Maccabe Tel Aviv and has been a pro since 17. Please learn more by peeping this great read in a December 2009 Sports Illustrated:


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Danilo Gallinari Sings His Ass Off

I think I've made a connection here. It's pretty obvious that foreign 3 point artists have really great voices. Check the Ital Danilo Gallinari sing this Beyonce tune with Teenage Mutant Ninja Harrington dancing beside him:

I know that this is a repeat request, but it wouldn't hurt to again watch this Korean Guy sing Karaoke.

12/28/09: Warriors Beat Celtics

The Dubs are on their biggest win streak of the season after beating the Suns on 12/26 and Celtics last night. Yep, 2 games. 9-21 baby. The victory over those Sourpuss C's was a super duper exciting game. So much so that embedding the last 3:00 minutes of the game is a must for posterity purposes. Enjoy:

In completely unrelated news, here's a Korean guy karaoke-ing a Mariah Carey song.

Monday, December 28, 2009

You Da Man

Hidden deep inside the Sports Guy's recent post about how he is totally the smartest guy regarding the NBA that ever lived, we find this excellent Washington Bullets video:

Jarrett Jack vs. Cuba Gooding Jr.

These guys look alike. And it is funny.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best Friends: Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol

A failed Allen Iverson experiment and a 1 - 8 start by the usually woeful Memphis Grizzlies had most of us thinking that, yet again, the Grizz were just being the Grizz. Since the turmoil, the team of misfit toys has gone 12-7 defeating the likes of Dallas, Cleveland and (to a lesser extent) Miami. At 13-15, these guys are legit. Or at least better than The Warriors.

The Commercial Appeal's Scott Cacciola (I read him EVERY day) informs us how much of this success does not come from OJ Mayo and Rudy Gay jacking up ill-timed jumpers with hands in their faces (which they will never stop doing). But it comes from the unusual friendship between Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol.

Can you imagine a more strange pairing of pal-ness? The hairy Spainary and the thugg life selfish locker room destroyer? You can bet that this is something to OG Nextian will be keeping his eye on.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Phoenix Suns sing All Night Long

Steve Nash is an up and coming short film producer. He used his Flip Camera to perfection on this one. Check out all of your favorite Suns in this video:

Nextians Dance Party

Here are a few of our favorite Nextians doing a very special routine for the Holidays. Enjoy:

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49ers Fans Beaned at Lincoln Financial

Tim Kawakami predicted it, and the 49ers felt the sting in more ways than one. It wasn't fun to be a 9ers fan at Lincoln Financial Field yesterday as Eagles fans pelted you with snowballs.

If Singletary was smart, he would have practiced in Reno on Thursday and Friday in the snow and then left to Philly from there.

In related news, nice work on the field Alex Smith. Douche.

Masha Kirilenko (AK-47's Wife)

Masha Kirilenko, Andre's wife, was on local Utah radio talking about "The Pass".


And in related news, here is AK-47 getting ready to use The Pass:

MVPuppets: Dunking on Reindeer Lyrics

Nike's latest "Puppets" spot has gone the way of the Hyperize commercial to create a viral video something or other for the Christmas, I mean, Holiday Season. The creativity is there. The cool puppetry is there. But are these videos actually good? I would say yes if the Hoof Gang actually put up a fight. But they get totally owned by the MVPuppets.

Here is the full video spot that only runs online. 2:03 is much too long to put on the ole' Television. Did you know that LeBron is voiced by Kenan Thompson of SNL and Kobe is David Allen Grier of In Living Color? Lil' Dez is some child actor. You will notice Santa getting called out by Blitzen of The Hoof Gang:

Blitzen The Reindeer a.k.a. Lupe Fiasco (The Cool, Food & Liquor) calls out Santa and the Kobe/LeBron puppets with Lil' Dez on the one's and two's:

Santa a.k.a. The Infamous KRS-One licks the rim and shows us his battle-rap response:

Below are the lyrics for those that like these sorts of things. No MP-3 released by Nike just yet:

Full Spot:

(Santa rap)
1, 2, 1, 2, King James and Kobe too
It was the day before Christmas day
I just put brand new rims on my sleigh
in the kitchen cooking, eggs and hash
I got a call from Blitzen talkin some trash, sayin

(Blitzen )
Oh saint Nicky, don’t you see
you and your boys you’ll never beat me
So you can tell Kobe and tell LeBron
that they can meet me on the court and it’ll be uh-uh onnnn

Now Blitz ice grillin, like put em up
it ain’t take long for Kobe to shut em up
Alright Blitz, the game is to 10
LeBron, check it out and show em how we get it in
(Santa )
now he all nervous, tension brewing
Vixen was trying to talk some sense into em
LeBron threw the ball and he began to giggle em, like

look at this reindeer, he can barely dribble
c’mon Bron, show some respect
he got hooves, not hands, what the heck you expect

Kobe stole the ball, crossed him up
runnin around his back, tossed it up
Vixen crying to Blitz, like

oh no, lebron took off from behind the free throw

LeBron rose up looked at him again
said, Merry Christmas Blitz and shattered the rim

The game is over, the game is over
The game is over, the game is over
Dunking on the reindeer, dunking on the reindeer
Dunking on the reindeer, dunking on the reindeer

Here are the lyrics from Blitzen/Lupe Fiasco's spot:

B to the l-i, t-z
3 suckas plus 1 me equals too e-z.
Believe me the top of your wish list
Betta read a chance to beat me
Cuz you never got that
And you never will
The thrill of the victory is something that you’ll never feel
something elves can’t build
and shout out to the workshop
you can get to 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd shot
don’t mean nothin
when the rein get to jumpin
and that deer get to dunkin
see the fear in your frontin
santa lookin shook, kobe lookin shook, lebron lookin shook
i throw the ball on the roof

Lastly, here are Santa/KRS-One's lyrics in response to that punk-ass Blitzen:

Yo, how you calling me a old timer, a old rhymer,
when i’m getting it in, in oh nine, suh
Ya’ll got issues and i’m not a subscriber
You the reindeer, i’m the driver
Kris Kringle, the gift’s in my saliva
I got every address in the hood. I’ll find ya
Ya’ll dude’s minor Kris Kringle is major
it’s a good thing it’s Christmas you gonna need a savior
you aint even —-, ya’ll nose is black
and the last rhyme you kick you know was wack
I’ll flying around the hood cruising fast
my sleigh be moving snow you eating grass
think fast stay in line you know me well
keep talking Imma ring your jingle bell
I got work to do I cant flirt with you
Kris Kringle, I’m out!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Basketball Jones: Showin' Love

The Basketball Jones have a great week-daily video show on the internets about the NBA. If you don't watch The Jones and consider yourself a Nextian, please delete your We Got Next team, cancel your League Pass subscription, move to Seattle and start watching MLS Soccer. And don't let these size 12 Hyperize hit your dumpy ass on the way out!

Anyway, TBJ just put out a great music video about The NBA. Enjoy:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kings on National TV?

And what a game it was! The Kings used a genius Dollar Beer promotion to ALMOST sell out ARCO Arena in their National TV victory over the semi-hapless Wizards. It was good to see Omri Casspi on the screen. I've heard about his game but haven't yet seen it in person (no, I don't have League Pass. But Maybe I'll get it from Santa).

Also, Tyreke Evans is a stud! The uber-rookie picked Gil-Zero's pocket on the game saving drive. Methinks that Westphal can sense that the force is strong in this one:

In other news concerning a team that is actually sucking, I no longer like Derrick Rose. I would like to direct your attention to his recent photo shoot in GQ Magazine:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Warriors On The Block

OK, OK. Back to basketball news my fellow Nextards. I went to the Warriors beat reporters to find this slice of lameness after the Dubs terrible 5 game road trip. As if this shit show of an injured NCAA team wasn't enough, now the decision makers (Riley) are thinking about trading our future. This just feeds into the fact that the Warriors don't have any plan or clue with what they're doing.


This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

Kimmel does this every week. This is great:

Marin Catholic: State Championship Game

The Alma Mater of many Nextians is playing in the State Championship Football game this weekend. Here is their video:

This is more of a "face" than anything as it is cheesy to the extreme.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

This Monkey is my Hero

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Phil Jackson on Kobe in 2006

Bills Simmons' "The Book of Basketball" is a shoddily written rush fest of a book with many pieces of mis-information and typos. But it still produces some good info from other writers that Sportsguy has kept in his NBA coffers for some years and is giving us now when making his points. One of the best parts of "The Book of Basketball" is the evolution of Kobe Bryant as BS ranks him the 15th best player of all time.

In April of 2006 after game 4 of the Suns Series, here is what Phil Jackson said to J.A. Adande of the LA Times:

"Somestimes his needs overwhelm the rest of the ballclub's we get into the playoffs, that'll dissipate, because he knows that he's got to put his ego aside and conform to what we have to do if we're going to go anywhere in the playoffs. Any player that take sit on himself to do that (play for himself) knows that he's going against the basic principles of basketball. That's a selfish approach to the game. You know when you're breaking down the team or you're breaking down and doing things individualistic, you're going to have, you know, some unhappy teammates...and he knows these things...intuitively, I have to trust the fact that he's going to come back to that spot and know that the timing's right. The season's over, things have been accomplished, records have been stuck in the books, statistics are all jelled in, now let's go ahead and play basketball as we're supposed to play it."

If you remember, this was the same season that Kobe scored 81 against a washed up Jalen Rose of the Raps. This was also the same season where Kobe refused to shoot in the 4th Quarter of Game 7 vs. The Suns and lost by 25. Remember that the Lakers had a 3-1 series lead.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Crash Wallace's Rebounding

Fantasy NBA owners of Gerald Wallace have noticed his league leading rebounding thoroughly helping their squads. This uptick in board bounds could not have been predicted. But then The Sports Guy twatted about this jump being the biggest NBA stat abberation of "all time" (kind of how he wrote the greatest book of all time in his humble opinion) and Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus got all over the historical data. This is something you fellow NBA Nerds most definitely must peep to the extreme:

NBA Ticket Sales: The 'Conomy

It's rare that the NBA shows the world it's financial hand in any manner other than "The Salary Cap is going down" press release in the summer. But this dude from CBS Sports got some serious insider stuff that gives us a peak into the current NBA financial status. A must peep indeed:


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where's Rob?

This is good work by the "Improv Everywhere" troupe. Too bad none of them will make it onto a TV show or in the movies. At least they had fun at the Knicks Game:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bill Dance Tennesse Fisherman: Shittiest Fisherman EVER

I laughed very hard at these bloopers. I really want to go fishing with this guy:

Yahoo! Sports NBA: The Ranker

Ranker is a fun little thang on the NBA section of Yahoo! Sports dot com. Please enjoy:

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tim Donaghy on 60 Minutes

This is really cool:



ESPN's NEXT vs. The Nextians

The biggest question we get here over at The Nextians is if we are somehow related to the ESPN annual "NEXT" issue. Many of you subscribe to ESPN Tha Mag and have seen Kevin Durantula and his lanky 7'3" wingspan grace the cover of this year's issue. Well, the short answer is "Fuck No". But the long answer is a follows:

ESPN's annual attempt at NEXT is all about picking who is going to be a star in a certain sport. This year "Tha Mag" has gotten lazier than ever picking the uber obvious Kevin Durant and this guy from another sport league called the "NFL" named Christopher Johnson. You don't have to be a fantasy sports guru to figure out that these guys are far from NEXT. They are NOW. It is incompetent and an utter mail-in to call some of the best players in their respective sports NEXT. NEXT what? NEXT in line to be the best player in their game? Shit, these guys are already there! Where else do they have to go? Puhh-lease.

The moniker "Nextian" comes from something very different indeed: the NBA's redheaded stepchild the WNBA. In the early days of the WNBA their slogan was "We Got Next!" which refered to women's professional basketball starting up after the NBA finals and playing for 2.5 months in the summer months. As we became fans of the incredible game played in the WNBA, we decided that even though the slogan was gone after 1999, it would live on in our followings of the NBA. We called ourselves Nextians.

Over time the Nextians name has taken on several meanings. But most importantly we make it our goal to predict which players will be Next in the NBA. We sniffed Anthony Morrow out after seeing his 35 point explosion last year vs. The Clippers. We knew that Tyreke Evans was going to dominate smaller guards even as a rookie. We saw that the Houston Rockets would produce fantasy basketball studs from late round (fantasy draft) no-names by buying into the Daryl Morey's moneyball system. We also drink scotch, 40's and play some roundball ourselves from time to time. Lastly, we like the city of Reno (especially the Peppermill Casino) and The Warriors and/or Kings. There's some other stuff that defines us but I'm sworn to secrecy to not post certain Nextian photos of booze fueled concerts that take place on a bus with Bilbo's acoustic guitar.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

12/3/09 Rockets @ Warriors Pictures

Just a few quick notes from tonights disappointing home loss vs. the Rockets. Man, did the Dubs choke that game away.

First of all, Scola's eye injury a few nights ago have prompted him to wear the Amare Special Oakley Blades. It looks like Scola went for the clear lense approach as compared to the tinted lense that Amare rocks.

This full body photo of Monta in his throwback "San Francisco" uni gives us a fantastic glimpse of his shitty tats. Oh how I thirst for the pre-tat Monta who was so innocent.........and so much quicker.

Cavs Retro Intro; The Warriors

Gotta love the Cavs Retro Introduction video from their game last night spoofing "The Warriors" movie:

Thanks Ball Don't Lie

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Tiger Woods Situation: Explained

Here's all you need to know about the Tiger Woods situation:

Also, enjoy the Tiger voicemail:

Artest Drank Hennessey at Halftime

How am I not surprised by this? Ron Artest admitted in an interview with Sporting News that he used to drink booze at halftime. Dude's a total gangster.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Punked: The Utah Jazz Edition

Check out this poor Mormon getting totally Kuchered during a recent halftime of a Utah Jazz game. Hilarious.

But even more hilarious/weird is Announcer/Former Spot Up Shooter Reggie Miller's "choke" reaction in the 2nd half of the video. Was Reggie trying to say that this guy choked on a blind folded half court attempt? I don't get it. And neither did Marv Albert.

Monta Ellis: Ripping It Up

You gotta love Bethlehem Shoals' take on Monta Ellis in his current sans Stack Jack and Nellie situation. How much longer is Nellie out? Hopefully a few more months.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nextians Weekend; Pre-Trade Summit Research

Here on Donner Lake with 4 fellow Nextians. Numbers have been flying around this morning with guys determining who they can trade with at the Trade Summit this evening. Potential trades are being hashed out over eggs, mimosas and Dos Equis.

But not so fast, my friends. It's off to Reno in an hour to place some prop bets on NBA champs and this evenings games. Upon our arrival back in Donner, the Trade Summit will begin. Amazing things will happen.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ron Artest: Workout Video

I am thisclose to transcribing the lyrics of this terrible video/song titled "Workout" by Ron Artest. He "raps" about sweating out alcohol and being caught with coke in his nose. Not to mention his really bad lip syncing during the alley way shots or the "Adrienne!" screams at the end of the vid.

Ron Artest: Blind

Please, please, please tell me that Ron Artest spends his own money making his music videos. Like, how much did he have to pay that Asian stripper to pretend to be his girlfriend? And how much did that "Lakers" shirt cost? Tru Warier Records is coming up big with this joint.

Also, did you see Ron-Ron chuck Ariza's shoe the other night? The tru deafinision of sportzmanship:

Monday, November 16, 2009

We Believe: Remember the 2007 Roster?

Since '07 the Warriors have lost or traded:

Baron Davis
Al Harrington
Stephen Jackson
Jason Richardson
Mickael Pietrus
Matt Barnes
Marco Belinelli

Instead the Warriors now have:

Vladamir Radmanovic
Raja Bell
Corey Maggette
Ronny Turiaf
Devan George
Brandon Wright
Speedy Claxton

Monta Ellis, Kelenna Azubuike and Andris Biedrins are the only We Believers that remain. This really hurts. Thanks to Tim Kawakami for this revelation. I pretty much ripped him off word for word on this but I just wanted to feel the pain while typing these names. Holy Jeebus.

Goodbye Stack Jack/Traitor

We fondly bid adeu to Stack Jack. Thank you for 2007. Fuck you for 2009, you heartless assface. Best of luck getting along with Larry Brown. Crash Wallace is going to school you in practice. You will soon learn what really playing SF/SG is all about. I'm booing you when you come back to the Oracle like 3000 times harder than I boo Baron.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Warning: Ninjas Coming

I heard that officials have spotted swarms of active Ninjas down in Santa Monica in Southern California. Experts say that they are making their way north to the Bay Area to wreak havoc on shit.

Don't say that I didn't fucking warn you guys.

Barkley Becomes Sammy Sosa

Yes, Chuck Barkely is black and proud. And he can get away with anything in the world. WTF is this?

Thanks to Ball Don't Lie who go this from The Huffington Post

And just in case you haven't yet seen the Sosa transformation yet:

the Do The Steve Nash! dance

I predict that this dance will be all the rage on playgrounds across Canada this fall.

Check out Shoals' analysis HERE

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update on Gretzky's House

More on the Dykstra drama:

Also, peep this funny as heck article on Dykstra's current situation:


Thanks to Bilbo for this information.

Dock Ellis No Hitter

This is an animated short by No Mas about the fabled, but real, Dock Ellis LSD No Hitter. Not basketball, but once again too awesome not to post.

Simmons on Kimmel

On Tuesday 11/10/09 Bill Simmons was on Jimmy Kimmel pimping his 700 page Book of Basketball, which is now a NYT #1 Best Seller. Congratst to Simmons I guess. Is he the richest sports writer of all time now? Anyway, check out the clips of that interview:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prodigy in Israel?

The first American to skip his Senior Year of High School and go overseas to play basketball is having a tough time adjusting. Is not graduating High School to make $250K a good idea for the kid who wants to be an NBA lottery pick in 2011? It doesn't sound like it so far. But at least his girlfriend is Easy-E's daughter (RIP).

Brandon Jennings laid the groundwork and is currently viewed as a success story (18/4/4 so far for the Bucks) for those NBA-bound ballers who suck at school, want to make some cash instead of make the NCAA cash, and have a thick skin to adopt to pro ball life overseas. Brandon did have his rough spots up until this season. But Jeremy Tyler just seems plain immature. Peep the NYT article below


Dude Perfect

The dicks behind the tricks.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Warriors Soap Opera; 11/9/09 Edition

Yes, the Warriors had ANOTHER BEAT DOWN last night losing to the Kevin Martin-less Kings.

After last night's loss, Stephen Jackson's Agent had a telephone interview with Broussard of ESPN and said THIS

Golden State of Mind (the Warriors offical fan blog) then questioned who the hell this Agent think's he is? CHECK IT

Corey "The 50 Million Dollar Kid" Maggette proceeded to say that the team is in CHAOS

NBA's "Behind The Backboard" Camera; 11/8/09

The "Behind The Glass Backboard" camera at NBA games takes some sweet action shots. Such an interesting angle, so many amazing looks captured forever on digital storage devices. It's so cool that I often dream about being minaturized and sitting behind the glass. Please Professor Frink, make this happen! Let's have a look at Amare's dunk during the Sun's 102-90 win at Washington last night:

One's eye immediately goes to Amare's Oakley Blades which were often blogged about by me last year. He lost the yellow shade lens, but boy are those things awesome. Word on the calle is that Amare hates wearing these things but whole "detached retna" injury which caused him to sit on his ass for 5 months got him thinking that they're necessary. Way to use your big brain, Amare.

The vision is then focused on Amare's underarm deodorant. Thankfully, he wants to smell good for the games. I'm guessing it's Degree 360 by the looks it.

Now that's some great defense by Deshawn! This idiot is in ultimate "there's no WAY I'm getting infront of that" scared mode. Nice neck beard and non-Lebron Adidas kicks by the way. Did Gilbert hook you up with some Adidas? Also, nice neck tatoo.

The best aspect of this phun with photo has to be Caron Butler at the top of the key. What in the hell is he doing? Is he so disgusted by The Wiz defense that he is hiding his eyes from a vicious Stoudamire dunk? Is he complaining to the ref that he got held? Is he checking his watch? Is he signaling to the Wizards bench? We shall never know the truth.

And this is why pictures tell 1000 stories. Or at least 4.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Only Women's Soccer Video Ever Posted Here

.........and I'm pretty sure you'll figure out why I'm posting this in about 1.5 minutes after pressing play:

Friday, November 6, 2009

We Are Douchebags.

A douchebag wearing a Lakers jersey? Who woulda thunk it!?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tim Lincecum smokes weed, who'da thunk it??!!

This is off the topic of NBA, but too good not to post. Yeah, an 1/8th of chronic is "small" to have for personal use?! Maybe at home in your drawer or if you're Snoop Dog -- but on your car ride?! He must have just swooped the sack up from his homeboys place. Anyone non-famous would have been sent to jail.

SEATTLE (AP)—San Francisco Giants star pitcher Tim Lincecum(notes) is facing misdemeanor marijuana charges following a traffic stop in his home state.

Washington State Patrol spokesman Steve Schatzel said Thursday that the 2008 Cy Young Award winner and former star at the University of Washington was pulled over for speeding on Interstate 5 about four miles north of the Oregon border on Oct. 30.

An officer approached Lincecum’s 2006 Mercedes and smelled marijuana. Schatzel says Lincecum immediately complied with a request to hand over the drug and a marijuana pipe.

The amount measured was 3.3 grams. Schatzel says police consider that a small amount for personal use.

Lincecum was fined a total of $622 for driving at 74 mph in a 60-mph zone, and for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

My 2nd Favorite Team

I entered a contest on Ball Don't Lie Dot Com to win a free subscription to League Pass. The request was to write why you just can't miss an upcoming game on League Pass that you wouldn't see if you didn't have League Pass. Here's my half hearted entry:

My 2nd Favorite Team:

The December 16th, 2009 on NBA League Pass will begin the battle for my second favorite team: the Houston Rockets vs. the Denver Nuggets. A San Francisco Bay Area born and raised bleed-orange/blue/yellow Warriors fan at heart, the need for a second favorite team to follow has been always been apart of my NBA fandom dilemma. Heck, the Warriors are every other true NBA fan’s 2nd Favorite Team so it’s about time I choose one, starting this season. Relying solely on the soap opera that is this season’s Golden State Warriors without a backup team certainly points to an incredibly frustrating hit on not only my love of the Dubs (WHY IS RANDOLPH NOT GETTING MINUTES?!?!), but for my love of the NBA as a whole. I need a 2nd Favorite Team.

Basketball Prospectus devouring, daily Ball Don’t Lie reads, True Hoop RSS feeds, and intense analysis of Shoals prose on Free Darko and The Baseline have brought me to the epic December 16th, matchup between Houston and Denver.

Not a mortal enemy of the Warriors? Check. A solid organization who is trending upwards? Double check. A team that isn’t routinely touted by all of the talking heads on TV (Oklahoma City)? Oh heck yeah.

I am letting this matchup decide who my 2nd Favorite Team will be for the remainder of the season because at this point, I am honestly stuck on who to choose. Do I take a crew of outcasts and misfits that play with more intensity and swagger than anyone else in the league? A crew that somehow George Karl, of all coaches, has figured out how to harness and direct their craziness towards winning? Or do I go with the Dork Elvis created role players who will morph into a team that does whatever it takes to win. Ariza? Brooks? Scola? Will these guys emerge as top tier NBA producers? I need to become a true fan of one of these teams.

It won’t even say that the winner of this game will win my fandom. It will be a battle for my emotions which do not only recognize the score.

Skeets and KD, I need to see this game to decide! And without League Pass to see this game, this decision will haunt me for the entirety of the season.

NBA Highlights: Wed 11/4

As JE Skeets says, the Backboard Pass is the future, son. Check out last night's NBA highlights with Jameer's dish to D-How being the most NEXT:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Syracuse Loses to DII School!

That's right, I thought it was hilarious and awesome too. It sucks the highlights are only from the end of the game. Le Moyne, a DII school also from 'cuse pulled off a biggie! It's only exhibition, but those players should still totally get more laid than if they lost.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Friday 11/6/09; (some) Nextians @ The Warriors Game!

Toomie is gathering some craigslist tickets for the game this Friday vs. The Clip Show. Should be a good time. I'm not sure if he can get a bunch of tickets for all of us (we can ask him) but I thought I'd throw out the invite to our loyal readership. Actually, Toomie runs the YeeBA and this is an official Yee event. But if you want to go to the game, get some tickets let's totally tailgate beforehand and take some pictures and party on BART all the way home. Yeee.

At least this was a good excuse to post our picture from last year's official Nextians Warriors Game Event.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Teen Wolf Championship Game; With Stats!

Enjoy this video of Scott Arnold's final game with stats. Note: his squad won even though he wasn't Teen Wolf, which is the big 80's themed lesson of the entire movie.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Allen Iverson & Larry Brown; A Retrospective

This article is dang good, son. It's very long, it's from April of 2001 when the 76ers made the finals, and it's about AI and Larry Brown. A good people piece indeed, playa.


Ron Artest: Savior

I've read Three Cups of Tea. I've read The Kite Runner. I tried to read A Thousand Splendid Suns but got bored. And I'm guessing that Ron Artest has read these books as well. Which means that we both agree on one thing: Fuck The Taliban.

Why The Warriors Matter

Here's an interesting read for us Warriors fans. Bethlehem Shoals works his magical prose over at The Baseline and trys to explain how the Warriors matter to everyone beyond just their record.........which we all know won't be very impressive this year.

Friday, October 30, 2009


If all y'all Nextians didn't peep my post two postings ago please peep it now. After you are done peeping, check out the wordz below.

OK, now that you are thoroughly entertained I have an update for you on the NBA song by our man SNIPA. I emailed him at and this morning he sent me the follow response:

greeting cameron,

thanks for the interest in my NBA song , lets make this song bounce like a basket ball on air

one love
keep intouch


nb: see attachment for the song

How sick is that? Our man SNIPA wants to keep in touch with the OG Nextian! First of all, if you'd like the MP3, let me know and I'll send it over. Also, I'd like some input on how we can get SNIPA's song out there more with our enormous crew. And how should I continue to foster this relationship with SNIPA? I think he hangs in Cali sometimes (as seen in his "about the NBA song" Youtubes posted two posts ago) so maybe we can get him a seat at an upcoming Dubs game and get totally blunted with him in the parking lot beforehand. That would be AMAZING.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Booing Stack Jack: So Cliche

Contra Costa Times Warriors Beat Writer Marcus Thompson (damn, that was A LOT of words that began with capital letters in a row!) had something to say about the Warriors fans booing Stephen Jackson on opening night. This is a good, quick read:


And if you're reading this more than a week after the Warriors first game, please pass this article over and proceed to watching the timeless Youtubes and reading just as timeless articles. Stay Next, my Nextians.

The NBA's New Anthem

Reggae Dancehall music artist SNIPA has pretty much crafted the best NBA anthem I have ever heard. Not since the piano dronings of "Where Will Amazing Happen?" has a song so captured the heart of NBA competition and what all of us love about The Association. Please enjoy:

If you liked that, now listen to SNIPA talk about the making of the video. Classic:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prodigies: Garnett, Kobe, Lebron

This shizzle is just too sick to not pass along. Word on the street is that these dudes have been working on this compilation for a year+. This is some quality stuff to get you fired up for the upcoming NBA season. Enjoy:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Captain Jack, Don Nelson, Robert Rowell: The Warriors Are MESSED UP!

The most entertaining NBA story of this October before the NBA tips off on the 27th has been the ridiculous saga of our Golden State Warriors. With Stack Jack's recent actions of trade demands, getting tossed out of a game in 5 minutes, and resigning as Team Captain, things have reached a tipping point for the organization and, more importantly, it's fans. The Warriors Management could only lie to us and spin the truth for so long until it became so ridiculous that national sports media had no choice but to get involved. When a team story gets to the point where every NBA fan knows about it and has the same opinion about it, there becomes no way to lie any further. Maybe Robert Rowell and Don Nelson could have kept getting away with lying to the GSW fans. But they can't get away with lying to the NBA community of Players, Coaches, Management, Media and Fans. Robert Rowell and Don Nelson: You've been caught!

Here are a few articles that need to be read by all Nextians. Today's Adrian Wojnarowski article on the situation is a good place to start: CHECK IT

Also, thanks to Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury. He has been critical of the Warriors and all of his articles and blog posts in the months and years past have been confirmed. Even the Sportsguy is linking to his articles on Twitter which, apparently, have crashed the Mercury website more than once. You must peep the 25 fireable offenses of Robert Rowell: CHECK IT

Can things get any worse as a Warriors fan? Probably. Can't wait for Monta to stop playing and Anthony Randolph to demand a trade before the season's over. I think I'm becoming a Bobcats fan.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Steve Nash VitaminWater Infomercial

Is this real? Is this awesome? Is Steve Nash funny?

Free Coffee at 7-11

Dudes, 7-11 coffee ain't that bad. Especially since it's now free until the end of October. My friend Abdul owns a few 7-11's and he told me to post this on The Nextians since we get so many hits. And while you're picking up your free daily joe please support my man and buy a donut or a cliff bar or another cup of coffee or something.


What does this have to do with the NBA? Well just know that Former Warrior Team Captain Stephen Jackson gets his 40's from 7-11 every day. Word.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gil Zero In TNT Commercial

Gilbert Arenas was fined $25K today for not speaking to the media since Media Day on 9/28/09. Although he was in an NBA on TNT commercial with Dwight Schrute recently. But I don't think he speaks in this one either.

What the heck is Gil-Zero/Gazo Tha Pranksta doing these days? Has he gone back to his samurai roots and taken a vow of silence? I think that Gil is storing up his focus with great discipline and will soon unleash a tidal wave of playmaking fury all over the court of his opponents. Watchout for Gil!

Monday, October 12, 2009

True Hoop on Kevin Durant

The most influential NBA Blog made a stink about Durantula's adjusted plus/minus numbers on Friday and the match was lit. KD twatted his ass off this weekend in response but seemed to miss the entire point of Abbott's post. I don't fault a young KD for sticking up for himself in a classy/tastefully done manner. True Hoop has then issued a must read follow up post on this situation.

Interesting stuff on many levels. First of all, the analysis by True Hoop is great. Secondly, and probably more importantly, we're getting an unprecedented level of communication between blogs and actual sports stars. Durantula doesn't call out True Hoop directly, but he is talking about Henry Abbott's analysis. Don't you just love the new sports media era we are in? Why the heck couldn't have twitter been around when Gil-Zero was going off?

Bad adjusted plus/minus or not, at least KD will be off the chain this year in fantasy basketball.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lamar Odom Smokes Weed

I was reading Sports By Brooks and he showed me a picture of Lamar Odom smoking weed at a Labor Day party. I thought I'd take it in and then pass it along to my peeps.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Francisco Garcia Exercise Ball Accident

Dude, Francisco Garcia was a true sleeper this year in fantasy basketball. Now it appears as if he is going to be out a significant amount of time. Sucks for Garcia, sucks for the Kings, and sucks for Kings fans everywhere.


The Dubs: A Bethlaham Shoals Review

Bethlaham Shoals, the metaphysical watcher of all things NBA, put up his pre-season review of the GS Dubs today on The Baseline. Laugh, cry, and understand:


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Steve Smith: Golden State Warrior

Nellie is an IDIOT! Why the hell did he cut Steve Smith? That dude is/was SICK!

14 points/game, 3 rebounds, 3 assists and 85% career from the line? Dude. The Warriors really make terrible personnel decisions at every turn.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tattoo U: Nate Robinson's Tattoos

Thanks to This video is tight!

South Central Park

More Reasons to Hate LA Sports

This behind the scenes video of Lakers Media Day give us even more reasons to hate all LA sports. Well, "hate" is such a strong word. Let's go with "really dislike" istead. Enjoy the Cross Promo at it's finest.

Do Tha Jason Terry AKA Jet

Trilli Trill is supposedly a pretty dope rap outfit out of the Dallas area. Hopefully this single about the 6th Man of the Year will get them season long front row seats and appearances on Mark Cuban's jumbotron. Will the Trilli Trill's be campaigning for an All Star Game 2010 performance (it's in Dallas)? One can only hope.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DeShawn Stevenson; Abe Lincoln & Pittsburg Pirates Fan

Washington Wizard DeShawn Stevenson showed up to training camp with a few new pieces of ink. The increasingly popular face tattoos show a "crack" on his forehead and a backwards Pittsburg Pirates "P" on his left cheekbone. There's also a "Londyn" scribble referring to his 1 year old son. Last, but definitely not least, DeShawn has a 5 dollar bill on his neck.

The Baseline and Ball Don't Lie have some pretty good thoughts on what all this awesome ink means.

If you happened to creep down into the comments section of The Baseline article, you might haved seen the supposed real meaning of DS's tats. Peep this: The P is a symbol of the People Nation gang, which claims the Bloods and Latin Kings among its allies. Among their symbols is the number 5, which explains the neck tattoo. Stevenson is a thug and an active gang member.

That being said, can the opening of NBA training camps be touted a little more? There's some seriously cool shit that we learn every year on this Monday. Monta Ellis this year saying he can't play with Stephen Curry not to mention the Stack Jack "praying hands" tattoo on the belly of 2007. This is some good stuff.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Delonte West..........Still Cwazy!!

Delonte West was arrested on Thursday night, 9/17/09. He was first pulled over for cutting off a police vehicle while riding his 3-wheeled motorcycle. 3-wheeled! Then as he was being questioned, he told the cop he had a gun in his waistband. The police went on to find another gun strapped to his leg and a shotgun in a guitar case strapped to his back. A guitar!

So, it turns out Delonte is still as loco as ever! Question is, what the hell was he going to do??!!

Time will tell. Until then, goooooooooooo Cleveland

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rick Barry; The Potrait of Awesome

I always wondered what the heck was up with Rick Barry. I knew he was an awesome baller and lead The Warriors to the NBA Championship in 1975, but I also had heard that he was a dick. I had a relatively blank slate on Mr. Barry when he was on KNBR 680 with Rod Brooks on the mid-day show a few years back and hadn't thought much about him since.

That is until I decided to listen to the Simmons Podcast last week where Billy Boy interviewed Tony Kornheiser of current PTI fame. Part of the discussion centered on the excellent article Kornheiser wrote in 1983 about Rick Barry. And the point of this post is to have you check out this splendid prose (thanks to SI Vault) that reveals so much about an incredible NBA player that it makes me hate the walls that these guys put up today....that is, until, Twitter hit the scene and sent Michael Beasley to rehab.

Was Rick Barry really a dick? Or was he just so competitive that he would do whatever it took to win (a-la Tiger Woods chucking his club into the bushes last week and making Steve Williams, his caddy, go get it)? Perhaps we will never know the truth.

The MTV VMA's: Video of the Year Nominee

As you know from watching MTV's Real World, Real World-Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet, Nitro Circus, Rob Drydek Fantasy Factory, Bully Beatdown, Busted, Pranked, Punked, Parental Control, True Life, MADE and a few actual music videos; the VMA's are right around the corner. In sticking with one of the 2009 NBA Off Season themes, I'd like to shout out and prop (at the same damn time!) the following video nominee for "MTV Music Video Of The Year" the ever important dance category.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NBA Hipsters

I feel obligated to pass along anything about the NBA that makes me laugh. Enjoy this post on BLOWTORCH

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stephen Jackson; He's Got Hurt Feelings

Maybe Stack Jack just has hurt feelings? Even rappers get hurt feelings. Hopefully Keith Smart can heal our Captain, as it's becoming clear that Don Nelson isn't running the team anymore.

Ricky Rubio; Minnesota Media Spin?

Chad Ford was on the most recent BS Report (CHECK IT) agreeing with Simmons on how David Khan (Minnesota's GM) totally botched the Rubio situation. He points to how well the Minnesota press has been painting the picture to favor Khan which, apparently, I fell prey too in a post last week. According to Simmons and Ford, Khan totally crapped the bed.

Also mentioned was how poorly our beloved Golden State Warriors are being run. Makes you understand why Stack Jack suddenly wants out of the situation. Please PLease PLEASE buy the Dubs, Larry Ellison!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ding, Ding, Ding: Round 2

Any what a Round 2 it was. I kinda wish the Boise State player didn't buckle his knees and fall down, but at least he got right back up. Then the Oregon player tries to go after the fans! WTF. I don't care if he apologized right after about it. Actions, not words young brutha. He was also suspended earlier in the pre-season by his coach for unruly conduct. Guy needs to get hit the F*$ck back!

Baba Booey's 1st Pitch with Stern Show Commentary

The visual with various Stern Show comments makes this youtubes great. I know the pitch took place back in May but it's always great to revist the horsetooth jackass who calls himself a real sports fan. You gotta be kidding me, Gary.