Monday, February 11, 2013

New Warriors Jerseys

I have to make this photo "Extra Large" so that we can see just what the heck is going on
According to a CSN Bay Area article the Warriors will first be wearing the above Harrison Barnes modeled jerseys on 2/22/13 vs. Los Spurs. Adidas calls these things "innovative" which I guess I can agree with since I think that T-Shirts are pretty NEXT level articles of clothing. T-Shirts have been around for a long time and in the past 10 years have gone from "undershirt" to "ironic joke of the internet meme moment" which many of us has succumbed to and purchased. Tight T-Shirts have been around since douche-douche dance clubs have been open. And T-Shirts with stretchy dry fit have been around since weird dudes started wanting to be like Lance Armstrong and wear tight, sweaty riding shorts to have their post-awesome-ride latte at the local coffee shops. I once saw one of those dicks eat it on the tile floor with his clicky bike shoes and laughed in his face for upwards of 11 seconds.

Anyway, the Warriors will probably lose all of their games in these things just for the simple fact that they shouldn't be allowed by Stern's Jersey Standards. No one but lovers of Lance will buy them. What's next, NBA'ers wearing long sleeves like that year when a few guys in the NCAA rocked them?

On another note, Nextian Toddmy and I went to Lagunitas Brewery for a Mandate (get it on!) this Saturday and were commenting how our male server was still wearing a yellow Livestrong bracelet. When asked why he still wore it after the Lance Scandal he said that he still really hates cancer. Made sense to me.