Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chinese All Star Game

Why? Because they're All Stars!

The Buss Boys

Jesse gets drunk
Jim The Prez
Joey Runs D-League

Please take a look at this article to learn about what has happened in the Laker Land front office:
The Buss Boys

And remember, Laker Fans.  All of the championships are always "for the fans"


Friday, February 10, 2012

Weezer, Surf Wax America

Weezer used to rock so hard

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jeremy Lin is Better Than LeBron James

I heard on the NBA TV's that Jeremy Lin's first two starts with at least 20 points and 8 assists hasn't been done since LeBron James was a rookie.  Not to mention Lin's first game of this run, three games ago, where he entered during the last part of the 1st Quarter vs. The Nyets and scored 25 with 8 helpers.  The kid seemingly hasn't been off the hardwood since he first entered that game.

Taiwanese Americans everywhere are going crazy.  So are Palo Alto Americans.  So are Harvard Americans.  So is Tyson Chandler who now gets the ball in dunking territory because an injured 'Melo isn't ball-stopping out on the perimeter.  So is Walt Clyde Frasier who has been reading the dictionary like crazy for new Lin-centric Clyde-ism's to spit during the replays.

Lin destroys the Jazz at MSG with swagger

Lin upstages John Wall (again)

Oh yeah, and without Melo and Amare the Knicks have won all three of Lin's games.

If Jeremy Lin doesn't make the Rookie/Sophomore game at All Star Weekend I'm gonna be so pissed.

Will Farrell Introduces Bulls @ Hornets

The full version not cut up by ESPN

Monday, February 6, 2012

Jeremy Lin Explodes

Our former Warrior and Bay Area native went off this weekend!  And, no, it wasn't in the D-League again.  With Baron Davis not yet being skinny enough healthy to play, Iman Shumpert really being a SG, Mike Bibby being Mike Bibby, Toney Douglas showing his 8th man abilities, the PG strapped NY Knicks needed nothing more than a Lin outburst in this last leg of back-to-back-to-back games.  Jeremy got in the game early and never came out.  He blew by Deron Williams, made Kris Humphries look like the non-basketball player that he is, and led the NYK's back from an early deficit to be the 2nd biggest story in NY this weekend.  Even Carmelo gave him a  nice show of respect with an Asian bow which Lin gladly reciprocated. 

Warriors fans will always have a soft spot for Jeremy Lin in their fan hearts. I'm glad he's making waves and hope it continues long enough to justify fantasy ownability.

Thanks to Grantlandia

Kevin Love Face Stomp

Kevin Love is on a mission to prove to all other NBA Power Forwards that he is the best in the Association.  In his latest conquest, Kevin goes HAM and stomps on Luis Scola's face after Luis tries to sell a foul.  Man, Kevin must really hate Euro Flopping.  But Luis doesn't care.

Minnesota fans point to the face stomp being a reaction to the nut shot Scola gave KLove last week. The retaliation always gets caught.  Remember that, kids.

Kevin was suspended 2 games for the kerb smash.  But David Kahn fans, don't worry, Ricky will save you with two triple doubles (steals) in your next two games. Ricky is so dreamy.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

2/2/12: Jazz @ Warriors

Curry and Monta decided to play basketball last night.

Shut It Down! Let's Go Home!

Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki was recently out 4 games in order to get back into playing shape.  During that time he sat in on the Mav's announcer table and had some epic comments during a 2nd quarter JET to Brandon Wright alley-oop. Apparently, the oop was so good that Dirk advised everyone to shut it down and go home.  The oop put the Mavs up 37-31 over the Timberwolves and with over half the game remaining it was obvious that the Mavs were going to win the game.  Oops have a way of doing that.

The problem is that the Mavericks ended up losing 90-105 at home.  David Khan is glad that they didn't shut it down.