Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bazemore Gifs

I've narrowed down Bazemore's dance to two possibilities: It's either a horrible Warriors promotion for a CSN Bay Area commercial or he's at EA Sports getting his dancing in the computers for NBA 2K14

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Andre Drummond's Girfriend

Drummond is 7'
I just love this picture. It shows the enormous Andre Drummond and his new girlfriend who looks MAYBE half his size while sporting some extremely high heals. The girlfriend is Jennette McCurdy who is an actress on a Teen Nickelodeon show. Read the full story HERE complete with more pictures, Vines, and a Wall Street Journal article written by McCurdy herself.  Here's to hoping that this sparks Dre to new heights in Rebounds, Blocks, and improved Free Throw percentage for my fantasy basketball team because I'm totally going to reach for the Piston a round or two early.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lakers 2013 Playoff Conspiracy

Above you will view a really well put together video of the Lakers' 2013 playoff push. Is the revenue gained by having the Lakers swept in the first round by the Spurs worth harming the integrity of the league?  Looks like the answer is still "yes".

I can see why casual NBA fans point to game fixing. The casual fan usually only watches the end of the game. And it is at the end of these games that things get the most wacky. Guys get hacked, rebounding fouls aren't called, on ball hand-checking is suddenly allowed, and star treatment is ramped up.

With Czar Stern out of office in February I'm interested to see the visible changes that Commissioner Silver will put in place. I hope he can do things to un-Donaghy the refs even further. The star treatment on the hardwood has never made much sense to me and only shows the weakness of the officials ability to officiate.  Fans don't like it. The only people who like it are the stars.  The league could like it if indeed a fix is in.  Are refs subconsciously providing star treatment or are their marching orders given to them before certain games?

Friday, September 6, 2013

As if we needed ANOTHER reason to drink Guinness

Fantastic commercial. Makes me gooey inside. Slo-mo makes cool stuff just that much cooler.

1988 Three Point Shooting Contest

It's 1988, All-Star Saturday in Chicago. Bird had won the three-point contests in '86 and '87 and is looking for the three-peat. Bird was slated to compete in the three point shootout… …But he was late.

Locker room was packed, laces were tied, warmup jerseys were on. So where the hell was Bird? 

All of a sudden the door swings open, and in walks Larry Legend. He stops in the middle of the room, looks around, and smirks. "So… Who's coming in second?"

He breezes through the first few rounds, then eyes down Dale Ellis in the final matchup. Ellis goes first, and drops a cool 15 points. Bird steps up, and starts off cold…

…Then catches fire on the second-last rack. By the time he hits the last money ball, he's tied with Ellis at 15 a piece…

…Puts it in the shooting pocket, lets it fly, and immediately begins walking to center court with a single finger raised in the air:


By the time he reaches half court, the ball hits the mesh. It might have gone down to the wire, but that contest was over before it started. And there wasn't a single person in the arena that night who couldn't recognize Bird for what he was: The biggest boss in the basketball world. 'Cause bosses do three things that no one else does:

They make bold demands.

They make bold promises.

And then they create bold performances that reverberate through the basketball world for decades to come. Larry Legend? Larry BOSS

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kobe Hero Ball; Learn From Jordan

Hey Kobe. Even Michael Jordan passed up Hero Ball every now and then. Especially when a streaking 43 year old Robert Parish is wide open for a game winning dunk. Can Robert Sacre catch? If so, he might be able to take one step, dunk, and win the game the next time you're triple teamed in crunch time.