Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Louis "Fabio" Amundson is Soft

Louis Amundson has positioned himself as a "hustle" guy for the Suns this season. He's tall, runs a lot and can put the ball in around the hoop for a team that is pretending like it's still got a bit of "7 Seconds or Less" in them. To call him aggressive is wrong. He's more like an ADHD kid on the playground after eating 4 ding dongs.

Take a look at the 1:30 mark of this game recap from a couple of nights ago. Keep an eye on Nene and Fabio:

Pretty obvious that he was totally flopping and acting like a puss (wait, Nene's Brazillian and should be the flopper, right?). Nene got tossed from the game for that one. But check out Fabio's comments about the situation:

"I’m playing hard and with a lot of energy, and Nene took exception to the fact that I was going to play physical back with him," Amundson said. “I play hard, but he was playing dirty the whole game. He was elbowing me. … He was hitting me in the head and the neck.”

“I was surprised that he did that,” Amundson said. “But then I was not too surprised because I know he’s kind of a dirty player.”

Should Amundson move to position A-1 on the Nextian Bitchy NBA Player List?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AI Owes Mad Flow

Allen Iverson owes some major skrill. The U.S. Court of Appeals is providing the victim $10K for medical bills and $250K in punitive damages. AI stood by as his body guard beat the crap out of a dude standing in AI's VIP section at Eyebar in Washington.


And, yes, "Eyebar" is a pirate themed bar just like R Bar in San Francisco.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This Kid is WACK

As a Libertarian Librarian Liberal Leaner with Conservative Thoughts and Liberal Ideals, I think that this asshole 14 year old kid really annoying. Wait a second, is it legal to call a minor an "asshole"? Fuckit. He's totally not Next regardless:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Darko on The '06/'07 Dubs

The dudes of FreeDarko were on a PodCast recently and explained their passion for the "We Believe" 06/07 Warriors. It's a few minutes in after the first segment:

The Sound of Young America

Looks like the embedded audio player above doesn't work. Here's the page where you can listen to this analysis:


Friday, March 13, 2009

Kobe vs. Artest- War of The Wordsmiths

This verbal spat of former rapper/current NBA'er Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest was something to behold. Thankfully, the Lakers crew shoots some sweet HD video (too bad the announcers are such incredible homers) and we can see the drama unfold:

Just today Czar Stern released the audio of the trash talk. Enjoy:

Kobe And Artest: The 'Lost' Trash Talk from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.

Johnny Burkhalter: LEGEND

This is one of my favorite YouTube videos/Cheaters episodes of all time. Until it gets taken down from YouTube yet again, please find time to enjoy the Legend of Johnny Burkhalter:

By the way, what kinds of brrrs and wines would you like to drink at our Nextians Basketball Game next month?

Syracuse vs. UConn; Epic Game

In case you only read about this game on your Blackberry/iPhone, here's the 11 minute SportsCenter recap of the battle:


Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's Worse: Congressional Earmarks or Sports Agents?

In case you didn't catch it on the Yahoo! Sports homepage yesterday, here's a great article about Sports Agents centered around Kevin Love (splash!) and former Duke Star/NBA Player/Motorcycle Enthusiast Jay Williams:


Word on the street is that public distrust of what's going on here will get Congress involved in this super skeevy process. Also, word on the side street (aka TrueHoop) explains how current NBA players have terrible times getting their agents to work for them. It seems like agents blow their entire wads signing a guy (read: make skrilla) and have little left to market and help out their current clients. Now that sounds like a sound business model.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ariza The Bastard

By now you have all seen the Ariza take down of Rudy Fernandez, subsequent ruckus where Odumb draws a suspension, and the neck brace-stretcher moment where Fernandez gets carted off the court. But here's an interesting slideshow version of this that really tugs at the emotions. I'm crying as I write this:

Rudy Fernandez and the foul

Why Can't SportsCenter Do This?

Well, the answer is because SportsCenter is lame. So you have to leave it up to creative out of the box thinkers like MaxaMillion711 of YouTube to change the status quo. Here's the dramatic highlights of Monday's epic game. Awesome stuff:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SVG vs. JVG: Are they serioulsy related?

This topic has been on my mind ever since I realized the Van Gundy's were actually related. These have to be the most opposite looking brothers I have ever seen. I'm calling bullshit. They've got to be doing this for the money, however I don't see how any money is coming in from them being brothers. Overseas bank accounts, that's it, overseas bank accounts.

But honestly, the older brother Stan (SVG) looks more related to Ron Jeremy than he does his own brother. This guy is thick, well, fat with a full head of hair and normal looking eyes.

Jeff, on the other hand (JVG), looks like he was born from the outcast elvish family of Mordor more so than the same mother of Ron Jeremy turned basketball coach. He is about half this size of Stan, has no hair and a weird droopy "black eye" look he got from God knows where.

The discrepancy between them is pretty funny to think about. No matter the honest truth their mother did or did not tell them, I am still entertained by the 2 of them. SVG and JVG keepin it OG. Troof.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun With Pictures in the NBA

How does TP not land on his side after shooting this leaner?

These guys are having fun as new teammates. Word on the street is that Clownboy loves the hippie shit that Brad gets.

Who said the WNBA wasn't good for the sport? Former Huston Comets SF Marquis Daniels is now a starter for the Pacers.

It's true, it's true. Marco Jaric's eyes are still very close together.

Unfrozen Caveman Retard.

Two questions: why are both Boozer and Yao arguing the same call when they are on different teams? And how on earth does Boozer get his face to replicate PacMan?

You just gotta love Birdman's passion for the game. You also gotta love his sweet tats.

Will Farrell is Still Funny

Enjoy the new hit "Bat Fight"

Pranking Is Great

The dudes at College Humor keep pulling pranks on eachother. This one was done at halftime of a Maryland Terrapins basketball game. The prank-ee thinks that he has been randomly choosen to shoot a blindfolded half court shot for $500K. Enjoy:

Channel Your Inner Boom Dizzle

Hey Nextians. How's it going? Good, that's good. I'm doing pretty well. Hangin' in there, you know?

Anyway, I've been reading some good shit about the NBA that I wanted to share. Many of you have probably already read the Sportsguy article in the recent ESPN Tha Mag (he's not Sportsfag when writing about the non-Celtics NBA):


And my obsession with the Free Darko blog had me stumble upon Bethlehem Shaols insight into the Simmons article.


Since I can't link to the actual post and if you are reading this way late, please refer to the "Know Thy Mirrors" prose.

Enjoy the insight, keep it real, live in the Now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jason Kidd, Congratulations

I just wanted to give a super mad funky fresh shout-out to my main man former St. Jospeh's point guard, Jason Frederick Kidd. In an All-Star career filled with All-Star games, NBA Finals appearances, triple-doubles, and over 10,000 assists, I wanted to provide a rather large Nextian fist-bump for the current Dallas Maverick. And to celebrate, here's a picture of Kidd taking a bath with his family:

RuPaul vs. Bosh

When Shaq torches Chris Bosh for 45 points and starts calling other centers BBQ chicken, it's time to listen. Methinks that Shaqtus is suddenly feeling rather spry as the work that the Sun's physical trainers have done on/to him has finally started to pay off. How else do you explain Shaq-Fu getting the balls to call Chris Bosh the RuPaul of the NBA?