Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SVG vs. JVG: Are they serioulsy related?

This topic has been on my mind ever since I realized the Van Gundy's were actually related. These have to be the most opposite looking brothers I have ever seen. I'm calling bullshit. They've got to be doing this for the money, however I don't see how any money is coming in from them being brothers. Overseas bank accounts, that's it, overseas bank accounts.

But honestly, the older brother Stan (SVG) looks more related to Ron Jeremy than he does his own brother. This guy is thick, well, fat with a full head of hair and normal looking eyes.

Jeff, on the other hand (JVG), looks like he was born from the outcast elvish family of Mordor more so than the same mother of Ron Jeremy turned basketball coach. He is about half this size of Stan, has no hair and a weird droopy "black eye" look he got from God knows where.

The discrepancy between them is pretty funny to think about. No matter the honest truth their mother did or did not tell them, I am still entertained by the 2 of them. SVG and JVG keepin it OG. Troof.

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