Friday, May 29, 2009

Lamar "Tortured Soul" Odom Walks

More awesome insight into the Lamar Odom persona. I apologize for missing this a few weeks back and have to give a shout out to my Crosby Show counterparts last night after our 20 point loss in the finals which caused us to drink ourselves to bolivian at the Final Final. Strain? Lawry? DC? Thanks for the story.

So Lamar Odom WALKED from his house to Staples Center before Game 2 of the Conference Semi's vs. The Rockets. This is apparently a 3 1/2 mile jaunt. Here's the story from the LA Times. And what makes it even more cool is that before Game 2 the Lakers were down 0-1 after Yao's incredible ouchy knee comeback victory at Staples. This was a must win game for the Lakers and Odom decides to walk to the gym, just like the old days in Brooklyn:


Racist, Yet I Can Take It

This video is racist as all heck, but very funny. And, yes, I refuse to use the term "reverse racism" since it implies that being racist is only a thing Caucasians can do to other races. There is a problem with that.

I am mostly comfortable in my US American Whiteness and love many of my (our) goofy faults. Especially on the basketball court. But then you get Newt and Rush blasting Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor for insanely biased issues. Then I get a bit queasy. But that's a discussion for my political-cultural blog which I have absolutely no time to write:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Even better...

Here is a sick remake, complete with picture in picture awesomeness of the original.

This seems like something that you should organize Cam. A nice healthy weekend activity during the summer when there is nothing on TV(except you doing your Wire watching homework with book reports for me).

Find an awesome 80's video and count me in as the keytarist.

A little Sumthin Sumthin for Your Time and Efforts

I thought I'd bless all those who come across this Blog with the best lip syncing and emotional dance moves ever caught on film, enjoy:

Embed is disabled, however is it completely worth clicking the link

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Candy Man

Lamar Odom is one of my favorite NBAers. But I knew it was more than his non-tatted body, ability to be a guard or power forward at the drop of a hat, tragic life story, and nonsensical showing up -or- shitting the bed during games that I enjoyed. You see, Lamar and I both share an amazing love of candy. Yes, you heard me. Gummy, grape flavored, chewy taffy goodness that Lamar actually admits eating in the middle of the night while himself, of course. Enjoy one of the greatest glimpses into Tortured Soul Lamar Odom I have ever seen:

Friday, May 22, 2009

Scouring The Blogs: Funny Pictures

RIP to the former blog "When Kegstands Go Wrong": The site all about funny stuff happening in all sports. It even made it's way to be mentioned in when Wes was pitting ugly college cheerleaders in head to head matchups. Some of those wenches got seriously pissed.

So this is my WKSGW shout-out post. Damn, I miss that site (tear).

Phil Mickelson totally blazed at an NBA game:

Dennis Rodman's Birthday Party in Toronto. Look at them bottles & models:

Drew Barrymore at Lakers Game 1 vs. Nuggets. Drunk:

Bilbo Baggins, Birthday Kegstand gone wrong (last weekend!):

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's Your Spiritual Animal?

So, yes, I am a bit of a FreeDarko enthusiast to say the least. My journeys through the NBA begin with FD and their friends while only being peppered with Chuck Barkley thoughts and Skip Bayless "analysis". So anything where the voice of these guys become more powerful is like chocolate sauce on ice cream to me.

I don't put these Adidas commercials on The Nextians for any pimping of Adidas products (though the ankle wraps do sound cool). Frankly, I more of a Jordan Brand "baller" myself. But if you like the mythical artistic analysis in these youtubes I highly recommend purchasing the FreeDarko Macrophenomenal Basketball Almanac and changing the way that you look at our beloved NBA. These are pretty tight:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NBA Bracket Updates

Before you read the standings below, please take the time to read one coach's break down on how to stop Teen Wolf/Scott Howard:


Now I'd like you to enjoy the latest standings in the NBA Nextian Challenge. Please note that Matt has picked every series and that Toomie picked the 76ers to make it to the conference finals. I guess with only a $10 buy in, you can get a little crazy:

50 Points: Matt
47 Points: Cam
37 Points: Fed, Todd
36 Points: Nate, Straino
35 Points: Toomie
34 Points: Snider
33 Points: BK, Nikki
32 Points: Pablo
31 Points: Ryan, Bilbo

Friday, May 15, 2009

3rd Place Prize





I finally figured out the 3rd Place prize for the Nextians Playoff Bracket Challenge. I hope you're a size 38 waist or know a good tailor because these jean shorts are off the hook and also off the chain. For real.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Chancey Billups

Nextians- another must read for us NBA fans. Though this is a long one, ESPN Senior Writer Tom Friend does a great job chronicling the career of Chauncey "Smooth" Billups. The writing appears to be fluff free and presents a lot of gems such as AI's partying and a turning point of KG's mean-mugging quest.


(thanks to Bilbo "Billy Goat/Burglar" Baggins for this)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tesh Contest

I guess John Tesh has an LA Based radio show. And I guess that he gives all sorts of good advice to boring weirdos while on mic. Although I'll never listen to his show, I will enter his contest. Good luck winning the $20K:

Even more AMAZING...

HT to Simmons...


The NBA just released (27 minutes ago) these new "Amazing" videos highlighting yesteryear's playoff moments. I'm sure you'll eventually be sick of them but here is the first look:

I'm Ron Artest

Here are the great post-game interviews Ron Artest gave after his Rockets lost to the Lakers on Wednesday night. Yes, the same game that Ron-Ron was eject for confronting Kobe after Kobe had elbowed his neck while going for a rebound. Artest is crazy, but his crazy logic is making sense to me. Wait, does that mean I'm crazy as well?

UPDATE: Holy crap, it appears as if the STABBING STORY is true!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cleveland Tourism Video

In case anyone was going to Cleveland to Witness an Cavs game this playoff season:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Congrats to Lebron

In honor of LBJ's MVP please enjoy the video of Cleveland Area rapper A-Gully and his "Witnessmobile". A-Gully put his $500 birthday check from his grandparents to good use and showed his Lebron James fandom by pimping out an '87 Cutless with chrome 23's. This video really makes you want to pack up and move to Cleveland (hopefully there will be more on the city of Cleveland in a later post).

While Lebron is most definitely "Now", it is our job to predict Next. Matt is the only Nextian out of 13 who correctly guessed all 8 series'. Congrats bro (literally). In other more entertaining news:
*Nikki increased her lead over her husband even though they were both in love with D-Wade and his band of underachieving idiots
*Straino is having some trouble
*Fed is now mysteriously back in the running

The standings after 1 round are:

34 Points: Matt
32 Points: Cam
27 Points: Toomie
26 Points: Fed
25 Points: Nate, Nikki
24 Points: Todd, Ryan, Scott Snider
21 Points: BK
20 Points: Bilbo
19 Points: Straino

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Love is in The Air

Phew! Round 1 is officially over with the Hawks stomping the crap out of the Heat. This is a good result, being that I picked the Hawks to advance in the renowned Nextian Playoff Bracket Challenge of Predicting Next. So I will be checking daily to see when they release the 7 well played games of Hawks/Heat series on DVD. I'll let you know when it's available.

Round 1 taught us about the power of Love. When Yao takes little Aaron Brooks under his enormous wing the curse of T-Mac is finally erased. When you're getting killed in a closeout game it's a good idea to kiss your opponent on the head as to say "good luck in the next round, Hedo". Denver officially loves their hometown boy Chauncey. Cuban has convinced himself to love old man Kidd and used the power of love to beat the old men Spurs (wait, do you possibly need an old man to beat a team of old men?). The Lakers and Cavs taught us nothing about Love, in case you hoping for comments about the 1-8 match ups.

And as we take a 63 second break to ponder all that was Round 1, we are not given much time to prepare for the Round 2 kickoff between The Mavs and Nuggets. As a Nextian this kind of sucks. We are bred to predict what is Next so trying to figure out the narrative of Round 2 during a few shitty commercials is challenging. But as the Leader of the Nextians, I will make an attempt: I am hoping and praying for a round full of vicious Anger. Yeah, let's get it on, we've got to get it on, no choice but to get it on.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Nextians Bracket: Updated Standings 5/1/09

With the first round winding down to a close, the separation between participants who had a good beat on what was going on in the NBA playoffs and those who relied on SI articles about the Spurs from 4 months ago (BK) are really becoming evident. A few quick notes-
* Nikki, Bilbo's wife, is beating him
* Tommy's plan of betting on Vegas odds isn't really working out
* Getting the games right on your correct series pick makes a huge difference
* Only one person aced the 4-2 Magic series win (BK) and only one person aced the Rockets 4-2 win (Cam)

Without further ado....

25 Points: Matt
23 Points: Cam
21 Points: Nate, Nikki
20 Points: Scott S.
18 Points: Toomie, BK
17 Points: Ryan, Fed
16 Points: Bilbo, Todd
15 Points: Straino, Pablo

Thoughts Sent to Timmay in Chicago

Here is the transcript from my thoughts emailed to Timmay, who is a raving Bulls fan and owns a condo on the South Side of Chicago, after the epic Game 6 Bulls win in triple OT over the Celtics. Gangster:

I love the series for many reasons. First of all, the Bulls have manned up beyond belief. And I love all the mistakes they're able to get away with: DelNegro not fouling when down by 3 with the Celts not having any time outs left, the DRose crunch time turnovers, giving up large leads more than once in more than one win. So it's not like the Bulls are just playing great and that's it. They're totally mistake prone but almost don't give an eff if they fuck up. Their collective swagger propels them to make ridiculously retarded goof ups yet they have the gall to not let it affect their confidence one bit. I haven't really seen that before.

Two things that I hope: I hope that Game 7 tomorrow is really well played. I also hope that whoever wins can at least give the Magic a fight and hopefully win. It would really suck to have the series downgraded in history because of a 4-1 loss to those faggy Magic.