Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Candy Man

Lamar Odom is one of my favorite NBAers. But I knew it was more than his non-tatted body, ability to be a guard or power forward at the drop of a hat, tragic life story, and nonsensical showing up -or- shitting the bed during games that I enjoyed. You see, Lamar and I both share an amazing love of candy. Yes, you heard me. Gummy, grape flavored, chewy taffy goodness that Lamar actually admits eating in the middle of the night while himself, of course. Enjoy one of the greatest glimpses into Tortured Soul Lamar Odom I have ever seen:

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Hadleigh said...

I never thought about Lamar's lack of tats. Seems like he would be that kind of guy. I like him more now.