Friday, May 1, 2009

Thoughts Sent to Timmay in Chicago

Here is the transcript from my thoughts emailed to Timmay, who is a raving Bulls fan and owns a condo on the South Side of Chicago, after the epic Game 6 Bulls win in triple OT over the Celtics. Gangster:

I love the series for many reasons. First of all, the Bulls have manned up beyond belief. And I love all the mistakes they're able to get away with: DelNegro not fouling when down by 3 with the Celts not having any time outs left, the DRose crunch time turnovers, giving up large leads more than once in more than one win. So it's not like the Bulls are just playing great and that's it. They're totally mistake prone but almost don't give an eff if they fuck up. Their collective swagger propels them to make ridiculously retarded goof ups yet they have the gall to not let it affect their confidence one bit. I haven't really seen that before.

Two things that I hope: I hope that Game 7 tomorrow is really well played. I also hope that whoever wins can at least give the Magic a fight and hopefully win. It would really suck to have the series downgraded in history because of a 4-1 loss to those faggy Magic.

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