Monday, May 4, 2009

Congrats to Lebron

In honor of LBJ's MVP please enjoy the video of Cleveland Area rapper A-Gully and his "Witnessmobile". A-Gully put his $500 birthday check from his grandparents to good use and showed his Lebron James fandom by pimping out an '87 Cutless with chrome 23's. This video really makes you want to pack up and move to Cleveland (hopefully there will be more on the city of Cleveland in a later post).

While Lebron is most definitely "Now", it is our job to predict Next. Matt is the only Nextian out of 13 who correctly guessed all 8 series'. Congrats bro (literally). In other more entertaining news:
*Nikki increased her lead over her husband even though they were both in love with D-Wade and his band of underachieving idiots
*Straino is having some trouble
*Fed is now mysteriously back in the running

The standings after 1 round are:

34 Points: Matt
32 Points: Cam
27 Points: Toomie
26 Points: Fed
25 Points: Nate, Nikki
24 Points: Todd, Ryan, Scott Snider
21 Points: BK
20 Points: Bilbo
19 Points: Straino

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