Friday, May 1, 2009

Nextians Bracket: Updated Standings 5/1/09

With the first round winding down to a close, the separation between participants who had a good beat on what was going on in the NBA playoffs and those who relied on SI articles about the Spurs from 4 months ago (BK) are really becoming evident. A few quick notes-
* Nikki, Bilbo's wife, is beating him
* Tommy's plan of betting on Vegas odds isn't really working out
* Getting the games right on your correct series pick makes a huge difference
* Only one person aced the 4-2 Magic series win (BK) and only one person aced the Rockets 4-2 win (Cam)

Without further ado....

25 Points: Matt
23 Points: Cam
21 Points: Nate, Nikki
20 Points: Scott S.
18 Points: Toomie, BK
17 Points: Ryan, Fed
16 Points: Bilbo, Todd
15 Points: Straino, Pablo

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Hyland said...

Booya! Wait, Cameron picked the Spurs to is only 2 points behind me??