Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dynasty Series T-Shirts

Starting 5 t-shirts were the hot shit. Now Dynasty Series T-Shirts are all the rage. I like the current Laker one the best. Get it?

Luol Deng Goes Home

Luol Deng is a citizen of England as a refugee from the Sudan. He hasn't been back to the Sudan in 20 years.

Check out the BBC audio slideshow HERE and have your heartstrings tweaked a bit. Audio slideshows are the new black, in my opinion.

Kenny Powers Endorses The Tubes

Do you think the tubes will ever make it to the NBA? I fcukin hope so:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jeremy Lin; NYC Photo Shoot

Jeremy Lin was required to fly to NYC to do a half hour photo shoot. He should have totally got on the Howard Stern Show or something while he was there. Oh well, here's video for the Dub's backup PG (if he can beat out Janero Pargo):

Kristic Chair Throw

Haha. Nenerd Kristic threw a chair in a World Championship warmup game vs. Greece. Kevin Durant is going to give him a severe talking to because OKC Thunder don't behave like ruffians. No they don't.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Anthony Tolliver: The Decision

Former D-League All Star (aka: a member of the 09/10 Golden State Warriors) makes his decision on where he'll play next in dramatic fashion:

Hey, at least we kept Reggie Williams from that "Havin' Fun" squad at the end of last season.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Warrior Girl

Congratulations to Michelle, the survior of the Fan Vote Warrior Girl Challenge. She likes to have fun and entertain the crowd. Heck, she even has experience with it. Michelle also belives in a positive attitude. Go Warriors.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1992 Gold Medal Game: Drazen vs. Michael

Brian Adams? Check. Croatia wearing white socks and all black shoes? Check. Michael and Drazen going at eachother super hardcore-like? AWESOME.

Turn up your speakers, press play, and enjoy the crap out of this one:

Monday, August 2, 2010

LRMR's Creative Recruiting

LBJ has had quite a summer. Leaving Cleveland for the Talents of South Beach, the LeBacle, being a Stonecutter, forcing ESPN to pull an article about him partying and commenting on ladies' panties, recruiting Chris Paul.........the stupidity just won't seem to stop. But the most intriguing part of LBJ has been his involvement leadership in LRMR Marketing. Instead of working on his post game in the off season, LeBrainchild is more focused on expanding his global icon status and becoming a billionaire. And he does it by somehow being able to circumvent NCAA rules:

Brian Windhorst (LeBron expert) explains: "But if you're looking for something that doesn't make sense, it is the extreme double standard LRMR and LeBron James enjoy with the college and high school ranks. James is permitted to hold camps with high school and college players who will be pros in less than a year while at the same time he's basically recruiting them to sign with his agency. At the July Nike camp in Akron that has all the top high school players and college stars acting as 'counselors,' there are signs everywhere that agents aren't allowed in the building. Even college coaches aren't allowed there. But Maverick Carter, the head and chief recruiter for LRMR, is allowed to be there and have unchecked access to these players while James gives them free shoes and gets to know them and their families. Then nine months later his firm is trying to sign some of them to agent contracts. All of this while NCAA officials are literally sitting there in the stands supposedly monitoring that all the rules are followed. LRMR has not been taking advantage of this edge and has not been able to land many of its top targets over the last three years. This year it missed on John Wall after a very hard recruitment led -- it would seem illegally by NCAA standards -- by James."

The NCAA probably hasn't had to deal with too many NBA players tampering with their college players before. But when the NBA player literally runs his own Agency Marketing Firm? Seems to me like LRMR, especially James, needs a bit of a wrist slap for this one. Just further proof that LeBron is evil. But I can't wait to see him on the court! Miami Thrice!