Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hyperize: Behind the Scenes

Just in case you wanted a look behind the scenes of the Hyperize, Don't Criticize commercial. I'm sensing some great Halloween costumes coming from this commercial:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kenny Mayne; Mayne Street

This is probably my favorite "Mayne Street" episode so far.

Why am I blogging this? Is it October yet?

Friday, August 21, 2009

We Run This Town: Directors Cut

Hear about the making of "We Run This Town" by Jay-Z, straight from the Director's mouth. This is very entertaining. Especially when he talks about the frustration of spending 10% of the video's budget on Rhianna's damn sunglasses.

UPDATE: Nevermind. This video has been removed from the youtubes.

Props to UNDRCRWN for twattering this twit

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top 50 Hip Hop Albums of the Aughts

I've been having a splendid time reading a list on "The Passion of The Weiss" blog about the top 50 hip hop albums of the 2000's....aughts or whatever you want to call them.

The best part about this list is that you can click on a MP3 from each album and then the player automatically counts down from there. So if you're all like "Damn, what's this 'Cannibal Ox -- The Cold Vein' album at #14 all about?" you can hear a hot beat and when that song is done the player will drop the hit "9 Milli Bros" from the #13 album "Fishscales" by the infamous Ghostface Killa....and then on from there. This will be a great way to totally confuse an apartment party full of hotties. They hots will say "This song is tight. But I'm not dancing because I've never heard it before on my Sirius/XM Hip Hop Nation station." Actually, no they wouldn't. Chicks have no taste in good rap whatsoever. NONE. Play the latest Rhianna song and call it a day.
Hit up a comment (because I know that we get SO many in the NBA Offseason) on which albums you currently own. I'm looking to fill in some holes. Also, let me know if you'd me to make a copy of any of the albums. I think I have about 15 or so on here, including Deltron 3030 at #50 and Lupe Fiasco at #49. Yes, I am a total dork for nerd rap.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

David Stern in a Barbershop

Check out the NYT webisode of Commish Stern visiting a Babershop to answer questions about the NBA. Something tells me that FreeDarko will have some ideas about this meeting in the next few days. Looking forward to see what Shoals will say.

Thanks to Ball Don't Lie's 10 Man Rotation for the lead.

They Dominate Pools: SportsNation

As seen on the new ESPN Show SportsNation, here's a remix of the guys that have been dominating their pool all summer. Based on the layout of their parent's house, it looks like these guys didn't have to get jobs this summer. And the webiverse is thankful for that:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gil Zero IS BACK!!!

Here is iphone video from last night (Friday, 8/14) at some streetball league game. Although the dunk at 5:48 cannot be missed, I highly advise watching and listening to this entire vid. From the And-1 on court commentator making fun of a dude's shorts to the sideline spectators talking about what they expect of Gilbert this next season, this thing is high entertainment. F*ck reality TV.

So what do you think? Is new Gilbert NEXT? 2nd Round Fantasy pick?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hyperize Special Edition

Nike has got all creative on our asses and dropped a few special edition Hyperize Kicks with a "White Men Can't Jump" theme. I just checked and these suckers are selling out quickly. So feel free to cop some with your hard earned skrill before it's too late.

These right here are the "Sidney Dean" themed kicks named after Wesley's character in WMCJ. The colorway supposedly matches what Sidney wore on the court, but I don't remember any zebra stripe. I should probably order up this DVD up on NetFlix to do some blog research.

This footbed text will probably wear away after one ballin' assed C-League game. But the "You can listen to Jimi, but you can't hear him" is one of the better lines from WMCJ. Well, it's maybe a close second to "Beee-leeee! Why you spend all your money on bass-keeet-baalll!?"

You remember Sidney Dean's flip up visor? Well, the tounge of these limited edition's flip up as well. Pretty damn funny.

Woody's character, Billy Hoyle, got pretty pissed when he didn't get the ball while being in the fucking zone. I find it ballsy that Nike would put the "EFF" word on their sneaks. But I like it.

If I had to choose, I'd get the Billy Hoyle's. But limited edition kicks aren't really the types that you play ball in. And since I couldn't imagine walking around town in Hyperize shoes with my jeans on, I'll probably be waiting a few months until the normal colors go on sale and drop below a C-Note. But I better wear out my Hyperdunks first.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hyperize Update

A few new pieces of information on the Hyperize front. First, the Hyperize Shoe is out now for $124 at Foot Locker. It's the second generation of Hyperdunk. The Hyperize site is HERE where you can download the track, check out the 4 versions of the upcoming TV commercials, get ringtones and see the Hyperizers Bios.

Also, check out the lyrics meant for memorization:


Chief Blocka (Andre) Chorus

We just be hyperizin'
While ya'll be crticizin'
We just gon do our thing like every day
You can't control the style
You think that we're too wild
But we're just having fun everytime we play

Fog Raw (Williams) Verse

Playa hatin on a playa
Girl I'll see ya lata
You see me in the lane, now you don't, I'm the mayor.
I'm headed for the rim
Fog Raw get it in
We just wanna ball and laugh
What's your problem?
When my hands touch the rock, HOT!
Look at the poor little rim, ROCKED!
Baller girls love to smile when I deliver
I make they're little pom poms quiver

Chief Blocka Chorus

Velvet Hoop (Durant) Verse

Oooooooo Weeeeeee. IT's Velvet Hoop.
Wristband full of loot right next to my Shoot. Ing. Hand.
What's the temperature Sam?
80 degrees. I make a D freeze. Bring them punks to they knees,
don't talk about boring dunks
Velvet, I'm the youngest in charge
Get the hell out my garage unless you fixin' my car.
Scoop up Ice, Chief Blocka, and Fog Raw.
Let's Ball. To the hoop y'all. Come on Come one. To the hoop ya'll.
Come on!

Chief Blocka Bridge

Ice-O (Lewis) Verse

It ain't my fault ya can't hang
Maybe this ain't ya game
Hoops is about heart and hustle
If you like stayin' on the ground maybe you should wrestle
Breakin' windows when yo shot gets tossed
Make you run after the ball my crew yell GET LOST!
Wit a cross make you ankles hit the pavement
But yo coach look at me in amazement
You'll wonder where your Aid went
My crew never run
Yes we in Hyperize's havin' hella fun
(how much fun?)
I said hella fun listen hun, wanna know the secret to my rize
Check the kicks under my thighs
Surprise, i just banged all over your center.
It's flick time you stand I will deliver

Chief Blocka Chorus

Now that 'ish is HOT!

Baron Davis Sex Tape! (maybe)

Thanks to Nextian Had for scouring the gossip blogs every day with his morning Monster Energy before work. Apparently, Boom-Dizzle's laptop was stolen and it was leaked that he has some graphic pics and/or video on there. Looking forward to (not) seeing the evidence.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Juggalos Rock

This video reminds me of my childhood in Rancho Cucamunga listening to Insane Clown Posse. Man, I'm glad I moved to Uraguay.

On a relevant note, The Blowtorch finds a Juggalo who likes the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Hyperizers -- Durant, Lewis, Williams, Iguodala

These guys have been around for 4 days so you may have already heard this jam in the blogiverse. But honestly, this vid doesn't get old. DJ Quik in the house? Check. Awesome stuff.

Chief Block = Iggy (early word was that he was going to use AutoTune. Must have been cut)
Fog Raw = Mo Williams "See me in the lane, now you don't, I'm the Mayor"
Velvet Hoop = Durantula (was he 3 years old when the African themed style was last hot? Hilarious)
Ice-O = Rashard Lewis (providing a Tattoo of a hyperize shoe on the back of some old white chick? Double hilarious)

Great, great video. More than rewatchable indeed. Truthfully, it gets better the more times you watch it as you pick up more and more stuff. Enjoy:

Let's admit it. The big exploitative Super Corporation Nike is on a roll. This "Today Was a Good Day" Nike SB video featuring Paul Rodriguez as Ice Cube is excellent. See if you can catch the NBA cameo:

The question remains: what shoe are you more likely to cop? The Hyperizers by Nike or the new P-Rod's by Nike SB? I've got a pair of hyperdunks and a few pairs of Nike SB P-Rods. But they are both getting kinda old. Hummm.....

Chris Kaman Rules

Clipper Center Chris "Caveman" Kaman likes firearms. Watch him tear the crap out of an '88 Taurus with his huge gun:

Monday, August 10, 2009

"Captain Marvel" Michael Jordan's 9th NBA Game

The NBA Offseason is nearly as much fun as the regular season. There are so many narratives on The Draft, Vegas Summer League (Orlando's is boring), Free Agents, luxury taxes and coaching changes that NBA writers use more brain cells writing over the Summer months than they do after a mid-January Friday Night lineup. And even with 2010 implications, this off season has not disappointed/pulled a Josh Hamilton.

THE Draft (yes, the NBA draft.........the NFL draft is a damn exercise contest) is the ultimate examination of Next. Those organizations who seccumb to the tempt of Euro in search of TheNextDirk or TheNextParker-Ginobili and actually draft someone who will contribute are those who are rewarded. All GM's have made/are making millions, but there are only a select few who get to stay around and continue to cash the checks of future contracts. At least half of a GM's measure of success comes down to the two guys they draft every year. It is in THE Draft that organizations don't have to worry about spending too much of the owner's money and it is simply up to them to make the best pick possible. You flop and take Nikoloz Tskitishvili with the 5th pick and you may (eventually) be fired.
As a Golden State Warriors fan, I am currently holding the no-brainer Steph Curry pick in positive light. His Twitter account is really boring but I don't expect much from guys who play ball at the liberal arts institution of Davidson and can shoot lights out. I expect Curry to be milk-toast. Golden State GM's "Don" Riley will probably get a passing report card on the Draft this season.

But let's move higher up the draft board and ask which picks can make an immediate impact in '09/'10 by gettin' all NEXT wit it. Blake Griffin will get plenty of run with the Clips and should be a valued fantasy player until he re-injures his shoulder in February. Rickey Rubio may dazzle us on ESPN & YouTube highlights (no nationally televised games for Minny) but we're all pretty sure that the scruffy little Spaniard will make just as many mistakes as converted no-look dimes on Kurt Rambis' squad. Tyreke Evans could be the real deal for Sactown as he overpowers other PG's in The Association but I'm pretty sure he's going to have plenty of growing pains managing his posse of hangers on. "Dude, let me be your Manager of Late Night Par-Tay!"

Do you want to see a clip of someone who had no problems at all as a rookie in 1984?

Makes you kind of sick, doesn't it. Someone who's THAT GOOD in their 9th game as an NBA pro. It just make you realize that statements such as "Anthony Randolph is totally awesome and the Savior of our Franchise!" are drowning in message board homer shortsightedness without any connection to what a "can't miss" rookie really is.
Side thought: I love how Enberg keeps trying to brand MJ wtih the "Captain Marvel" moniker. Fcuking Hilarious.