Monday, August 10, 2009

"Captain Marvel" Michael Jordan's 9th NBA Game

The NBA Offseason is nearly as much fun as the regular season. There are so many narratives on The Draft, Vegas Summer League (Orlando's is boring), Free Agents, luxury taxes and coaching changes that NBA writers use more brain cells writing over the Summer months than they do after a mid-January Friday Night lineup. And even with 2010 implications, this off season has not disappointed/pulled a Josh Hamilton.

THE Draft (yes, the NBA draft.........the NFL draft is a damn exercise contest) is the ultimate examination of Next. Those organizations who seccumb to the tempt of Euro in search of TheNextDirk or TheNextParker-Ginobili and actually draft someone who will contribute are those who are rewarded. All GM's have made/are making millions, but there are only a select few who get to stay around and continue to cash the checks of future contracts. At least half of a GM's measure of success comes down to the two guys they draft every year. It is in THE Draft that organizations don't have to worry about spending too much of the owner's money and it is simply up to them to make the best pick possible. You flop and take Nikoloz Tskitishvili with the 5th pick and you may (eventually) be fired.
As a Golden State Warriors fan, I am currently holding the no-brainer Steph Curry pick in positive light. His Twitter account is really boring but I don't expect much from guys who play ball at the liberal arts institution of Davidson and can shoot lights out. I expect Curry to be milk-toast. Golden State GM's "Don" Riley will probably get a passing report card on the Draft this season.

But let's move higher up the draft board and ask which picks can make an immediate impact in '09/'10 by gettin' all NEXT wit it. Blake Griffin will get plenty of run with the Clips and should be a valued fantasy player until he re-injures his shoulder in February. Rickey Rubio may dazzle us on ESPN & YouTube highlights (no nationally televised games for Minny) but we're all pretty sure that the scruffy little Spaniard will make just as many mistakes as converted no-look dimes on Kurt Rambis' squad. Tyreke Evans could be the real deal for Sactown as he overpowers other PG's in The Association but I'm pretty sure he's going to have plenty of growing pains managing his posse of hangers on. "Dude, let me be your Manager of Late Night Par-Tay!"

Do you want to see a clip of someone who had no problems at all as a rookie in 1984?

Makes you kind of sick, doesn't it. Someone who's THAT GOOD in their 9th game as an NBA pro. It just make you realize that statements such as "Anthony Randolph is totally awesome and the Savior of our Franchise!" are drowning in message board homer shortsightedness without any connection to what a "can't miss" rookie really is.
Side thought: I love how Enberg keeps trying to brand MJ wtih the "Captain Marvel" moniker. Fcuking Hilarious.

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