Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top 50 Hip Hop Albums of the Aughts

I've been having a splendid time reading a list on "The Passion of The Weiss" blog about the top 50 hip hop albums of the 2000's....aughts or whatever you want to call them.

The best part about this list is that you can click on a MP3 from each album and then the player automatically counts down from there. So if you're all like "Damn, what's this 'Cannibal Ox -- The Cold Vein' album at #14 all about?" you can hear a hot beat and when that song is done the player will drop the hit "9 Milli Bros" from the #13 album "Fishscales" by the infamous Ghostface Killa....and then on from there. This will be a great way to totally confuse an apartment party full of hotties. They hots will say "This song is tight. But I'm not dancing because I've never heard it before on my Sirius/XM Hip Hop Nation station." Actually, no they wouldn't. Chicks have no taste in good rap whatsoever. NONE. Play the latest Rhianna song and call it a day.
Hit up a comment (because I know that we get SO many in the NBA Offseason) on which albums you currently own. I'm looking to fill in some holes. Also, let me know if you'd me to make a copy of any of the albums. I think I have about 15 or so on here, including Deltron 3030 at #50 and Lupe Fiasco at #49. Yes, I am a total dork for nerd rap.

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