Friday, August 14, 2009

Hyperize Special Edition

Nike has got all creative on our asses and dropped a few special edition Hyperize Kicks with a "White Men Can't Jump" theme. I just checked and these suckers are selling out quickly. So feel free to cop some with your hard earned skrill before it's too late.

These right here are the "Sidney Dean" themed kicks named after Wesley's character in WMCJ. The colorway supposedly matches what Sidney wore on the court, but I don't remember any zebra stripe. I should probably order up this DVD up on NetFlix to do some blog research.

This footbed text will probably wear away after one ballin' assed C-League game. But the "You can listen to Jimi, but you can't hear him" is one of the better lines from WMCJ. Well, it's maybe a close second to "Beee-leeee! Why you spend all your money on bass-keeet-baalll!?"

You remember Sidney Dean's flip up visor? Well, the tounge of these limited edition's flip up as well. Pretty damn funny.

Woody's character, Billy Hoyle, got pretty pissed when he didn't get the ball while being in the fucking zone. I find it ballsy that Nike would put the "EFF" word on their sneaks. But I like it.

If I had to choose, I'd get the Billy Hoyle's. But limited edition kicks aren't really the types that you play ball in. And since I couldn't imagine walking around town in Hyperize shoes with my jeans on, I'll probably be waiting a few months until the normal colors go on sale and drop below a C-Note. But I better wear out my Hyperdunks first.

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