Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Hyperizers -- Durant, Lewis, Williams, Iguodala

These guys have been around for 4 days so you may have already heard this jam in the blogiverse. But honestly, this vid doesn't get old. DJ Quik in the house? Check. Awesome stuff.

Chief Block = Iggy (early word was that he was going to use AutoTune. Must have been cut)
Fog Raw = Mo Williams "See me in the lane, now you don't, I'm the Mayor"
Velvet Hoop = Durantula (was he 3 years old when the African themed style was last hot? Hilarious)
Ice-O = Rashard Lewis (providing a Tattoo of a hyperize shoe on the back of some old white chick? Double hilarious)

Great, great video. More than rewatchable indeed. Truthfully, it gets better the more times you watch it as you pick up more and more stuff. Enjoy:

Let's admit it. The big exploitative Super Corporation Nike is on a roll. This "Today Was a Good Day" Nike SB video featuring Paul Rodriguez as Ice Cube is excellent. See if you can catch the NBA cameo:

The question remains: what shoe are you more likely to cop? The Hyperizers by Nike or the new P-Rod's by Nike SB? I've got a pair of hyperdunks and a few pairs of Nike SB P-Rods. But they are both getting kinda old. Hummm.....

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