Friday, February 19, 2010

Heat vs Timberwolves 2/19/10

This was a pretty good game. But the best part of it is Memphis' new logo. CHECK IT OUT!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snowboard Dunk Competition

Maybe Stern should consider adding this event to the All-Star Weekend in lieu of the luck-warm contest put on by NBA guys that didn't even want to be there. Hey Stern, either up the prize money to attract some big names or build a friggin half pipe, bro! Seriously brah.

Warriors vs. Kings: 2/17/10

Orangino in tha house with a 9:34 edit of last nights Warriors blasting of the Slackramento Queens. CJ Watson going for 40 after hitting 15 of his first 16 shots? Anthony Morrow scoring from all spots on the court? Steph Curry dishing out 15 helpers? Who needs Monta!? (Just kidding, basketball gods)

2010 All Star Rap

The NBA knew early that rap was cool and should be used as a synergistic marketing tool to promote it's product. So in 1989, they hired the Ultramagnetic MC's to put together this 9:15 rap video intro. Simply incredible. (Just so you know, this has been posted to this site before)

This simple video inspired some dudes who call themselves The Jupiters to continue the Ultramag tradition. What started out as a joke has morphed into 5 years worth of The Jupiters All Star hip hop compilation mp3's posted on

The 2010 effort is more tech, hip hoppie, and even more white (yes!) than past efforts. Press play on the player in THIS LINK RIGHT HERE to blow your fucking mind. Thank you, Free Darko, for bringing us the poetic mastery of these geniuses.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Basketball Jones Original Animated Video, 1975

I've got the basketball Jones, oh baby ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhweeeeeeooooooooooooh


Thanks to Bilbo for allowing us to see episode 2 of "Me and Cornbread". Just the first 4 minutes are necessary to be thoroughly entertained.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jizz vs Hookers Song: By Josh Hundo

You may remember Josh's 2/6/10 post on the postboard with some rather strange lyrics about the battle for second to last place between himself (Jizz Shed) and Matt (Hookers & Cheese). Using these lyrics, I put together a little animation to some sweet beats. Too bad the technology doesn't allow one to change the voice between each character. Other than that, I'm happy with the result of 10 minutes of work on Xtranormal.

Craig Sager Fail

Props to Craig Sager for his "Steve Nash's hair is floppier than ever" thought. Genius.

Camby to Blazers for Crap+Cash

By now you all have heard that Marcus Camby was traded to Portland for Steve Blake, an injured Travis Outlaw, and $3 Million. Camby is an expiring contract at the end of this season and was the Clips' best interior defender. Doesn't this trade seem somewhat lopsided?

The Clips get a backup PG in Blake and a hurt dude in Outlaw. But most importantly, they get CASH. Donald Sterling strikes yet again for the almighty dollar sign. This $3 Million is apparently Dumbleavy's contract for next year. The Clip Show once again show their true colors: all about money, nothing about the quality of the product. Can't wait for Sportsguy to comment on this one. Well, actually I can wait.

Regardless of if my initial thoughts are correct or not, it is sad that Marcus didn't get to finish his dinner or say goodbye to his teammates. I feel bad for him.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Steph Curry; Runner Up 3 Point Shootout

Steph came ohsoclose to winning the 2010 3 Point Shootout. Sitting in first place with 18 after round one, Cur-diz couldn't quite catch a roll on his last few racks score 17 to Paul Pierce's 20. Regardless, we sure are proud of our Lil' Rookie here in Dubs Land. Look at his sweet release!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Steph Curry 2010 3 Point Champ/Golfer

I used to like Fitz until watching this video of his annoying cockiness and terrible reverse weight shift in his golf swing. Steph is a decent golfer, though.

Clean Your Dirty Balls

Now here is some hilariously creative marketing:

- Watch more free videos

All Star Weekend: Snow?

Apparently, it's snowing in Dallas for this record setting All Star weekend. Thank you to The Basketball Jones for the video. I bet $1,500 on the Celebrity Game tonight, by the way.

TBJ Does Dallas: Where Winter Happens from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sportsguy & Czar Stern Speak

Sportsguy and Czar Stern discuss NBA things on a podcast. LISTEN, HOLMES

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Taco Bell Big Box

Go to Taco Bell. Buy a $5 Big Box that Chuck Barkley pimps. Save some money, but then pay heavy on the shitter later on in the day. Trust me, I know.

The NBA is Fan-tastic.

Warriors vs. Mavs: 2/8/10 orangino edit

Ever since the We Believe Team "shocked the world" in the 2007 playoffs (playoffs?) the Dubs/Mavs rivalry has brought out some well played and entertaining basketall. Though the Warriors have fewer guys from 2007 on the current roster than the Mavericks (I miss Jazzy Cabbages), the effort that only a rivalry can bring was there last night. For 41 minutes of this game, the Dubs were the better team. Their lead hovered between 6 and 13 points all game as Morrow was splashing tres, Curry was dishing and hitting, and Monta was having a typical Monta-like game. After a 98-90 3rd quarter lead, the Warriors became, well, The 2010 Warriors.

JET Terry went off for 36 points with 6 Tres, 6 Boardbounds, 9 Helpers and 3 Swipe-a-roo's. With Dirka not playing a great game, Terry's effort led the Mavs' charge. I could have predicted this effort as the day before the Mavericks practiced at The Olympic Club, where I am a member. As they were walking down the hall towards the gym I overheard Terry talking to rookie Rodrigue Boubois saying "man, I'm playing better than I ever have before in my career". I then said "Hey JET!" as he walked by and he responded "hello, Sir." I couldn't quite figure out if he was mocking me or if he could really tell that I was that older than him (by 2.5 months). Regardless, it was obvious that JET was feeling good and playing well.

Hookers N' Cheese and The Fog Raw then went to the game. Face? Maybe not. It was a pretty "great time out" until those last 7 minutes. Monta hurt his knee, The Mavs played to their potential, and Don Nelson crapped the bed. Henceforth/therefore, the Mavs win 127-117.

Be sure to enjoy the end of the orangino edit. Hilarity.

OTL: Darryl Dawkins/Chocolate Thunder

This is a good OTL story on Chocolate Thunder:

Monday, February 8, 2010


Unfortunately, it appears as if The Green Team wasn't meant to be. Through some sort of finagling, though, The Denver Nuggets have landed Deron Williams! I'm not totally sure who the Nuggets gave up or why they wanted both Chancey Billups AND Deron Williams (and Ty Lawson to a lesser extent). But The Nuggs are going to be AWESOME!



Did you hear about the HUGE trade? Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, Paul Pierce and Derrick Rose are all now on the same team! Holy crap. I wonder who is going to play point guard? I think that Deron will run the show and D-Rose can morph into a small two. But this might have "feud" written all over it on the level of Monta dissing Curry (after being prompted by Stack-Jack). Can Rose guard the prototypical "Big Two"? Or is this going to be Deron's role? Regardless, this team is going to be CRAZY! I think they'll at least get through Round 1 of the playoffs!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shaq w/ Gil-Zero's Fiancé

Shaq's been cheating on his wife with Gil-Zero's fiancé. The Big Dickhead continues to show his true colors.

Peep the article HERE. Below is one of the super saucy emails. LOL, Nextians:

Dwight Howard's Baby Momma/Ex-Girlfriend

This chick is nuts. She has an injuction against her to stop defaming D-How over twitter and now she ho's out at TO and Luda's Super Bowl Party. BTW: she's the one wearing black.

When asked about the situation of his ex-girl, Dwight suddenly became very sad.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where Snowboarding & 60 Minutes Collide

I am honestly speechless. But not because this was such a "great" story.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Warriors at Dallas: 2.3.10 oragino edit

Monta puts up a carrier high 46 on 19 shots. He also goes 4/5 from three. He hits a behind the backboard AND 1 swish that was twice as cool as Kobe's. Whoa Boy!

An inspired comeback by the Dubs who got within 3 in the 4th quarter. But when you have CJ Watson trying to make things happen in the half court set and Devin George's carcass playing crunch time minutes, you're just not going to have a chance vs. The Mavs and their balanced attack. The losing streak continues!


I'm pretty sure someone can make up a drinking game for this movie. I never knew Lori Loughlin (Unlce Jessie's wife "Becky" from Full House) could ride so fresh!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ronald Artest: In Lowrider Magazine

Hey, check it out! Ron Artest is doing something weird again! At this point, I think that Ron Artest doing "normal" stuff would be abnormal. Video of Ron Artest eating a sandwich would be more interesting than trying to be entertained by his crazily terrible rap videos or stupid magazine shoots. But until then, all we have is Ron Ron in Lowrider Magazine posing next to a few hot whores (yawn).

Warriors at Houston: 2/2/10 orangino edit

Even orangino is cutting back his edits due to the lack of entertaining Warriors highlights. This one is only 2:27

It is the doldrums of the NBA season and the Warriors are in their annual "give up" mode as they know they won't make the playoffs and it's too far to see the end of the season in sight. Coby Karl has replaced Cartier Martin as our new 10 Day Contract Starter (now known more simply as a "10 DCS" in Warriors lingo) and has made some very aggressive passes. The edit above shows a rather good pass from Karl to "Moses" Turiaf.........something they probably perfected during Lakers practice 3 years ago while trying to keep up with the Lakers first team. Monta is embracing his role as Best Player On Shitty Team and leading by example with 34 points on over 50% shooting with 2's in: Rebounds, Assists, Turnovers, Steals and Blocks (weird). Monta is enjoying his newfound glory but you can tell the shitty-ness of his teammates totally disturbs him. Hopefully the brainless combo of Robert Rowell and Don Nelson aren't floating any Monta & Biedrins for Amar'e trades even; though we wouldn't put it past them.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Nextians on Parade

Jizz Shed looks pretty dang hardcore with his Kings jacket on drinking out of a red solo cup. Something tells me that it's the middle of the workday and Josh has Michelob Ultra in it.

Here is Nextian Jeff shooting a jumper in 5th grade with some kid playing foot defense against him. Jeff airballed this shot.
Turd enjoys playing ball in his boxers. He says it gives him more freedom of movement.
Matt loved the Dream Team as a wee lad. I'm pretty sure this was the John Stockton jersey, his favorite Dream Teamer in 1992.
Strange Range couldn't find anybody to take his picture. So he snapped himself in the mirror.