Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Camby to Blazers for Crap+Cash

By now you all have heard that Marcus Camby was traded to Portland for Steve Blake, an injured Travis Outlaw, and $3 Million. Camby is an expiring contract at the end of this season and was the Clips' best interior defender. Doesn't this trade seem somewhat lopsided?

The Clips get a backup PG in Blake and a hurt dude in Outlaw. But most importantly, they get CASH. Donald Sterling strikes yet again for the almighty dollar sign. This $3 Million is apparently Dumbleavy's contract for next year. The Clip Show once again show their true colors: all about money, nothing about the quality of the product. Can't wait for Sportsguy to comment on this one. Well, actually I can wait.

Regardless of if my initial thoughts are correct or not, it is sad that Marcus didn't get to finish his dinner or say goodbye to his teammates. I feel bad for him.

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