Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 All Star Rap

The NBA knew early that rap was cool and should be used as a synergistic marketing tool to promote it's product. So in 1989, they hired the Ultramagnetic MC's to put together this 9:15 rap video intro. Simply incredible. (Just so you know, this has been posted to this site before)

This simple video inspired some dudes who call themselves The Jupiters to continue the Ultramag tradition. What started out as a joke has morphed into 5 years worth of The Jupiters All Star hip hop compilation mp3's posted on

The 2010 effort is more tech, hip hoppie, and even more white (yes!) than past efforts. Press play on the player in THIS LINK RIGHT HERE to blow your fucking mind. Thank you, Free Darko, for bringing us the poetic mastery of these geniuses.

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