Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snowboard Dunk Competition

Maybe Stern should consider adding this event to the All-Star Weekend in lieu of the luck-warm contest put on by NBA guys that didn't even want to be there. Hey Stern, either up the prize money to attract some big names or build a friggin half pipe, bro! Seriously brah.


The Nextian said...

Dude! Shaun White bro!! Snowboarding is so HOT right now! I don't snowboard but that u-tube thingie is AWESOME! It looks pretty easy so I want to try it some day. Flying Tomato! USA! Olympics, fuck yeah!! Gold medals! Dunking huge snowballs is tha bomb!!

Hyland said...

luck-warm is like the old english version of luke-warm. Im not lying. Look it up. Fuck you. Im stupid.