Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Warriors vs. Mavs: 2/8/10 orangino edit

Ever since the We Believe Team "shocked the world" in the 2007 playoffs (playoffs?) the Dubs/Mavs rivalry has brought out some well played and entertaining basketall. Though the Warriors have fewer guys from 2007 on the current roster than the Mavericks (I miss Jazzy Cabbages), the effort that only a rivalry can bring was there last night. For 41 minutes of this game, the Dubs were the better team. Their lead hovered between 6 and 13 points all game as Morrow was splashing tres, Curry was dishing and hitting, and Monta was having a typical Monta-like game. After a 98-90 3rd quarter lead, the Warriors became, well, The 2010 Warriors.

JET Terry went off for 36 points with 6 Tres, 6 Boardbounds, 9 Helpers and 3 Swipe-a-roo's. With Dirka not playing a great game, Terry's effort led the Mavs' charge. I could have predicted this effort as the day before the Mavericks practiced at The Olympic Club, where I am a member. As they were walking down the hall towards the gym I overheard Terry talking to rookie Rodrigue Boubois saying "man, I'm playing better than I ever have before in my career". I then said "Hey JET!" as he walked by and he responded "hello, Sir." I couldn't quite figure out if he was mocking me or if he could really tell that I was that older than him (by 2.5 months). Regardless, it was obvious that JET was feeling good and playing well.

Hookers N' Cheese and The Fog Raw then went to the game. Face? Maybe not. It was a pretty "great time out" until those last 7 minutes. Monta hurt his knee, The Mavs played to their potential, and Don Nelson crapped the bed. Henceforth/therefore, the Mavs win 127-117.

Be sure to enjoy the end of the orangino edit. Hilarity.

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