Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hyperize Update

A few new pieces of information on the Hyperize front. First, the Hyperize Shoe is out now for $124 at Foot Locker. It's the second generation of Hyperdunk. The Hyperize site is HERE where you can download the track, check out the 4 versions of the upcoming TV commercials, get ringtones and see the Hyperizers Bios.

Also, check out the lyrics meant for memorization:


Chief Blocka (Andre) Chorus

We just be hyperizin'
While ya'll be crticizin'
We just gon do our thing like every day
You can't control the style
You think that we're too wild
But we're just having fun everytime we play

Fog Raw (Williams) Verse

Playa hatin on a playa
Girl I'll see ya lata
You see me in the lane, now you don't, I'm the mayor.
I'm headed for the rim
Fog Raw get it in
We just wanna ball and laugh
What's your problem?
When my hands touch the rock, HOT!
Look at the poor little rim, ROCKED!
Baller girls love to smile when I deliver
I make they're little pom poms quiver

Chief Blocka Chorus

Velvet Hoop (Durant) Verse

Oooooooo Weeeeeee. IT's Velvet Hoop.
Wristband full of loot right next to my Shoot. Ing. Hand.
What's the temperature Sam?
80 degrees. I make a D freeze. Bring them punks to they knees,
don't talk about boring dunks
Velvet, I'm the youngest in charge
Get the hell out my garage unless you fixin' my car.
Scoop up Ice, Chief Blocka, and Fog Raw.
Let's Ball. To the hoop y'all. Come on Come one. To the hoop ya'll.
Come on!

Chief Blocka Bridge

Ice-O (Lewis) Verse

It ain't my fault ya can't hang
Maybe this ain't ya game
Hoops is about heart and hustle
If you like stayin' on the ground maybe you should wrestle
Breakin' windows when yo shot gets tossed
Make you run after the ball my crew yell GET LOST!
Wit a cross make you ankles hit the pavement
But yo coach look at me in amazement
You'll wonder where your Aid went
My crew never run
Yes we in Hyperize's havin' hella fun
(how much fun?)
I said hella fun listen hun, wanna know the secret to my rize
Check the kicks under my thighs
Surprise, i just banged all over your center.
It's flick time you stand I will deliver

Chief Blocka Chorus

Now that 'ish is HOT!

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