Sunday, May 3, 2009

Love is in The Air

Phew! Round 1 is officially over with the Hawks stomping the crap out of the Heat. This is a good result, being that I picked the Hawks to advance in the renowned Nextian Playoff Bracket Challenge of Predicting Next. So I will be checking daily to see when they release the 7 well played games of Hawks/Heat series on DVD. I'll let you know when it's available.

Round 1 taught us about the power of Love. When Yao takes little Aaron Brooks under his enormous wing the curse of T-Mac is finally erased. When you're getting killed in a closeout game it's a good idea to kiss your opponent on the head as to say "good luck in the next round, Hedo". Denver officially loves their hometown boy Chauncey. Cuban has convinced himself to love old man Kidd and used the power of love to beat the old men Spurs (wait, do you possibly need an old man to beat a team of old men?). The Lakers and Cavs taught us nothing about Love, in case you hoping for comments about the 1-8 match ups.

And as we take a 63 second break to ponder all that was Round 1, we are not given much time to prepare for the Round 2 kickoff between The Mavs and Nuggets. As a Nextian this kind of sucks. We are bred to predict what is Next so trying to figure out the narrative of Round 2 during a few shitty commercials is challenging. But as the Leader of the Nextians, I will make an attempt: I am hoping and praying for a round full of vicious Anger. Yeah, let's get it on, we've got to get it on, no choice but to get it on.

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