Thursday, May 28, 2009

Even better...

Here is a sick remake, complete with picture in picture awesomeness of the original.

This seems like something that you should organize Cam. A nice healthy weekend activity during the summer when there is nothing on TV(except you doing your Wire watching homework with book reports for me).

Find an awesome 80's video and count me in as the keytarist.


The Hylands said...

Not only did I hang out at Journey drummer Steve Smith's house as a wee lad playing on his sport court and mastering arcade asteroids in the play room (in a totally non-gay way, of course), but I would be more than happy to organize an 80's video re-make. Had, please find an 80's song/video to remake that doesn't have special effects. I'm serious here.

Hadleigh said...

I always wanted to do the training scene from Rocky IV, but there is a good one already out there.