Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Louis "Fabio" Amundson is Soft

Louis Amundson has positioned himself as a "hustle" guy for the Suns this season. He's tall, runs a lot and can put the ball in around the hoop for a team that is pretending like it's still got a bit of "7 Seconds or Less" in them. To call him aggressive is wrong. He's more like an ADHD kid on the playground after eating 4 ding dongs.

Take a look at the 1:30 mark of this game recap from a couple of nights ago. Keep an eye on Nene and Fabio:

Pretty obvious that he was totally flopping and acting like a puss (wait, Nene's Brazillian and should be the flopper, right?). Nene got tossed from the game for that one. But check out Fabio's comments about the situation:

"I’m playing hard and with a lot of energy, and Nene took exception to the fact that I was going to play physical back with him," Amundson said. “I play hard, but he was playing dirty the whole game. He was elbowing me. … He was hitting me in the head and the neck.”

“I was surprised that he did that,” Amundson said. “But then I was not too surprised because I know he’s kind of a dirty player.”

Should Amundson move to position A-1 on the Nextian Bitchy NBA Player List?

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