Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nellie's a Gangsta

Don Nelson has been described as a lot of things (think fat drunk/awesomely unorthodox coach) but never before has he been called a "Gangsta". Preach, oh TMNT Harrington as seen in HoopsWorld-

"Nellie's a gangsta," Harrington said with a big smile. "He just does whatever he wants."

Harrington went on to imply that the Warriors' players would have been happier had Nellie stepped down and assistant coach Keith Smart stepped into the lead role.

"Coach Smart, I think he would've been a great coach there when they had a chance to make a change," said Harrington. "Guys were really looking forward to getting to play for him if Nellie did step down."

TMNT Al, I wish you the best in landing a contract next year that pays you anywhere near what you're getting now. Thankfully he's no longer able to steal Anthony Randolph's minutes.

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