Friday, April 10, 2009

The NBA and Money

This post will be the first of at least a few that will look at the most humanizing aspect of our beloved NBAers: Skrilla. Windfalls of contract cash have led many-a-athlete to write $250,000 checks on a whim for bogus hotel projects, restaurants, and lame inventions. Not to mention their boys from back in the day and semi-close family members holding their hands out for any stray c-note that is in pocket.

This Cliff Robinson post may be a bit out of order at this point and I may move things around (and delete this sentence) before my research is complete. But isn't it curious that the former Trail Blazer / Sun / Nugget / Warrior / Piston / Participant in the 1994 All-Star Game is the main guy behind Big Baller and is having Shaq prop his "Ebay for Ballers" on Twitter?

In all honestly, Big Baller Registry might be a good business idea. I'm sure that those who have extra cash floating around will be interested in owning a recently retired Baller's Bentley. Recently retired Baller now realizes that he has no more $100K/week checks coming to him as he must downsize his lavish mansion and save his now rocky marriage because his lifestyle wife is not used to living like a normal person (see: any Real Housewives episode on Bravo Network).

But having the Shaqtus pimp your website on his THE_REAL_SHAQ Twitter ID screams of "I really need to make more money. I forgot to save, invested in unfit businesses and am now broke as I haven't received a paycheck since May of 2007." And this makes me feel bad for Uncle Cliffy Robinson. Here's what I believe went through his mind as he started off on his Big Baller Registry website:

"I made tons of skrill and gave away & spent most of it all. I no longer receive checks from an NBA owner. I had to sell my crib with a pool, my whips, my watercraft, my jewelry and even my suits. This wasn't easy to do and I feel like I got ripped off on each transaction. But at least I now have some flow in the bank which should hold me over for a 8-10 months. I know many other retired NBA peers who had to sell their gear and are in similar circumstances as me. There should be an easier way to sell your over the top toys. Shit, I'm going to start a website where I'll be the middle man and make 5% on every transaction. Oh hells yeah. Pass the blunt!"

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Anonymous said...

This is NOT the Cliff Robinson from Portland, this the "Original" Cliff Robinson that was drafted the same year as Magic (1979) in the 1st round from USC. Cliff was the 11th player picked in that round. This is Cliff from Castlemont HS in Oakland/Bay Area-as you appear to be-show him some love. Also read "About Us" on - Thanks!