Monday, April 27, 2009

Nextians Playoff Challenge of Next: Rankings

Hello Nextians and Friends. The playoffs are off to a super sweet start and sure have been exciting. Rondo v Rose is going to be an awesome rivalry for years to come. The Denver Nuggets now know how to play some pretty kick ass defense. The Spurs are super old even though Parker is amazing. So many things we have learned and we're not even close to finishing the 40 games in 40 nights!

With the Cavs sweeping the Pistons yesterday a points update is due. Now 13/13 people smartly picked the Cavs to beat the Pistons in either a 4-0 sweep or a 4-1 "too much respect for the old assed Pistons". Therefore we currently have a giant tie for 1st and another huge tie for 9th:

4-0 Cavs = 5 full points:
Ryan, Matt, Nate, BK, Scott Snider, Toomie, Tullis, Cam (me)

4-1 Cavs = 4 points (5 for the correct 1st round pick, minus one for the incorrect choice):
Nikki, Bilbo, Fed, Straino, Pablo

More to come later this week as all 1st round matchups will be complete.