Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bracket Update: Overrated Hornets

I don't think this is Melo's fiance LaLa, the mother of his son Kiyan. An MTV VJ skank perhaps?

You know the Hornets were overrated by everyone when not one NBA "Expert" Nextian Bracket participant chose the Nug-Show to win 4-1. You would think that with a 2 seed playing a 7 seed that a 5 game victory by the 2 seed was a possibility, right? Well, the closest anyone got was a Nugget victory in 6 games. Chalk this mindbender up to a victory stew of Chancey actually knowing how to play in playoff games, further justification that AI wasn't a good fit for the Nuggets, Melo finally manning up, The Birdman flying, K-Mart's extreme defense, and the Hornets not playing like a team/giving up on their coach (Sportsguy). Here are the new standings:

18: Toomie
17: Matt
16: Scott S.
14: Cam
13: Nate, Bilbo, Fed, Nikki , Ryan, Todd, BK
11: Pablo, Straino

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thats totally lala