Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ron Artest of The Rockets

Here's Ron Artest in a radio interview a few days ago after The Rockets' game 1 win over the Balzers. I advise listening to this but if you can't, here are the awesome bullet points:

  • Ron's feet hang off of hotel beds
  • A lot of people, including RonRon, like breakfast at midnight
  • The 48 year old Dikembe is playing like an All Star (he got hurt last night and retired an hour later after the game)
  • Ron and Kevin Mart --of the Kings-- are good buddies
  • If The Rockets make it to the 2nd Round, RonRon will get the entire team to rock the mo-hawk
  • Aaron Brooks is the smallest person in the NBA according to Arest
  • Kevin Garnett has a lot of mind control over his team
  • RonRon doesn't take it day by day, or even minute by minute. He takes life possession by possession
  • Artest watches Blues Clues before going to bed
  • Ron just gets off the line, dead air, for about 30 seconds to eat his vitamins
  • RonRon's vitamins are actually of the Flinstone Chewable category
  • Artest wears velvet barbed wire pattern Versace boxers
  • According to Ron Artest, you've got to respect your opponent otherwise Golden State beats Dallas
  • Von Wafer will be an All-Star one day.........if he wants to (WTF?)
  • The vitamins that Artest eats before bedtime are actually that of the Flintstone Chewable category. He doesn't eat the lady vitamin, or the man. He only eats the car.
  • Artest has tried to get Shane Battier to read him a story before bed but Battier won't do it

Now THAT was awesome. Artest = pure entertainment.

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