Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playoff Bracket Update; The Spurs Fall

In honor of D-How getting bent over and suspended for Game 6 vs.'s a Nextian Bracket Update:

The idea of someone perfectly predicting the entire NBA Playoffs has been destroyed. While 4 Nextians had the foresight and gall to call the 6th Ranked Mavs over the 3rd Ranked Spurs, nobody went so far or was so bold to say that the Mavs would take those old, injured assholes down in 5 games. Toomie and Matt aced the Lakers and Cavs and have one lowly minus point for picking the Mavs series to end 4-2. Congratulations, bitches. Now if only the 76ers can win the next two games and beat the Magic, Straino can get his ass back in this thang:

14 Points: Toomie, Matt
13 Points: Ryan, Scott Snider
11 Points: Pablo
10 Points: Nate, Cam
9 Points: Bilbo, Fed, Nikki, Todd BK
8 Points: Straino

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