Monday, February 6, 2012

Kevin Love Face Stomp

Kevin Love is on a mission to prove to all other NBA Power Forwards that he is the best in the Association.  In his latest conquest, Kevin goes HAM and stomps on Luis Scola's face after Luis tries to sell a foul.  Man, Kevin must really hate Euro Flopping.  But Luis doesn't care.

Minnesota fans point to the face stomp being a reaction to the nut shot Scola gave KLove last week. The retaliation always gets caught.  Remember that, kids.

Kevin was suspended 2 games for the kerb smash.  But David Kahn fans, don't worry, Ricky will save you with two triple doubles (steals) in your next two games. Ricky is so dreamy.

Thanks to Sportz Ill-Ustrated
Thanks to SB Nation too.

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