Thursday, October 15, 2009

Captain Jack, Don Nelson, Robert Rowell: The Warriors Are MESSED UP!

The most entertaining NBA story of this October before the NBA tips off on the 27th has been the ridiculous saga of our Golden State Warriors. With Stack Jack's recent actions of trade demands, getting tossed out of a game in 5 minutes, and resigning as Team Captain, things have reached a tipping point for the organization and, more importantly, it's fans. The Warriors Management could only lie to us and spin the truth for so long until it became so ridiculous that national sports media had no choice but to get involved. When a team story gets to the point where every NBA fan knows about it and has the same opinion about it, there becomes no way to lie any further. Maybe Robert Rowell and Don Nelson could have kept getting away with lying to the GSW fans. But they can't get away with lying to the NBA community of Players, Coaches, Management, Media and Fans. Robert Rowell and Don Nelson: You've been caught!

Here are a few articles that need to be read by all Nextians. Today's Adrian Wojnarowski article on the situation is a good place to start: CHECK IT

Also, thanks to Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury. He has been critical of the Warriors and all of his articles and blog posts in the months and years past have been confirmed. Even the Sportsguy is linking to his articles on Twitter which, apparently, have crashed the Mercury website more than once. You must peep the 25 fireable offenses of Robert Rowell: CHECK IT

Can things get any worse as a Warriors fan? Probably. Can't wait for Monta to stop playing and Anthony Randolph to demand a trade before the season's over. I think I'm becoming a Bobcats fan.

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