Monday, October 12, 2009

True Hoop on Kevin Durant

The most influential NBA Blog made a stink about Durantula's adjusted plus/minus numbers on Friday and the match was lit. KD twatted his ass off this weekend in response but seemed to miss the entire point of Abbott's post. I don't fault a young KD for sticking up for himself in a classy/tastefully done manner. True Hoop has then issued a must read follow up post on this situation.

Interesting stuff on many levels. First of all, the analysis by True Hoop is great. Secondly, and probably more importantly, we're getting an unprecedented level of communication between blogs and actual sports stars. Durantula doesn't call out True Hoop directly, but he is talking about Henry Abbott's analysis. Don't you just love the new sports media era we are in? Why the heck couldn't have twitter been around when Gil-Zero was going off?

Bad adjusted plus/minus or not, at least KD will be off the chain this year in fantasy basketball.

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