Friday, October 30, 2009


If all y'all Nextians didn't peep my post two postings ago please peep it now. After you are done peeping, check out the wordz below.

OK, now that you are thoroughly entertained I have an update for you on the NBA song by our man SNIPA. I emailed him at and this morning he sent me the follow response:

greeting cameron,

thanks for the interest in my NBA song , lets make this song bounce like a basket ball on air

one love
keep intouch


nb: see attachment for the song

How sick is that? Our man SNIPA wants to keep in touch with the OG Nextian! First of all, if you'd like the MP3, let me know and I'll send it over. Also, I'd like some input on how we can get SNIPA's song out there more with our enormous crew. And how should I continue to foster this relationship with SNIPA? I think he hangs in Cali sometimes (as seen in his "about the NBA song" Youtubes posted two posts ago) so maybe we can get him a seat at an upcoming Dubs game and get totally blunted with him in the parking lot beforehand. That would be AMAZING.

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