Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nextians Weekend; Pre-Trade Summit Research

Here on Donner Lake with 4 fellow Nextians. Numbers have been flying around this morning with guys determining who they can trade with at the Trade Summit this evening. Potential trades are being hashed out over eggs, mimosas and Dos Equis.

But not so fast, my friends. It's off to Reno in an hour to place some prop bets on NBA champs and this evenings games. Upon our arrival back in Donner, the Trade Summit will begin. Amazing things will happen.

1 comment:

Turd Fergeson said...

Shoving sharp sticks in my eyes would have been better than watching that niner game this morning. = new time suck.

Way to go Nextians - OMG. I'm old.

Oh yeah, 6 in the hot tub was so next.