Monday, November 9, 2009

NBA's "Behind The Backboard" Camera; 11/8/09

The "Behind The Glass Backboard" camera at NBA games takes some sweet action shots. Such an interesting angle, so many amazing looks captured forever on digital storage devices. It's so cool that I often dream about being minaturized and sitting behind the glass. Please Professor Frink, make this happen! Let's have a look at Amare's dunk during the Sun's 102-90 win at Washington last night:

One's eye immediately goes to Amare's Oakley Blades which were often blogged about by me last year. He lost the yellow shade lens, but boy are those things awesome. Word on the calle is that Amare hates wearing these things but whole "detached retna" injury which caused him to sit on his ass for 5 months got him thinking that they're necessary. Way to use your big brain, Amare.

The vision is then focused on Amare's underarm deodorant. Thankfully, he wants to smell good for the games. I'm guessing it's Degree 360 by the looks it.

Now that's some great defense by Deshawn! This idiot is in ultimate "there's no WAY I'm getting infront of that" scared mode. Nice neck beard and non-Lebron Adidas kicks by the way. Did Gilbert hook you up with some Adidas? Also, nice neck tatoo.

The best aspect of this phun with photo has to be Caron Butler at the top of the key. What in the hell is he doing? Is he so disgusted by The Wiz defense that he is hiding his eyes from a vicious Stoudamire dunk? Is he complaining to the ref that he got held? Is he checking his watch? Is he signaling to the Wizards bench? We shall never know the truth.

And this is why pictures tell 1000 stories. Or at least 4.

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