Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do Tha Jason Terry AKA Jet

Trilli Trill is supposedly a pretty dope rap outfit out of the Dallas area. Hopefully this single about the 6th Man of the Year will get them season long front row seats and appearances on Mark Cuban's jumbotron. Will the Trilli Trill's be campaigning for an All Star Game 2010 performance (it's in Dallas)? One can only hope.


Jay said...

All ready! Dallas needs a championship. They need to bring them to the all-star game. I can't stop singing it .. "I'm so Fly..Im Jet" Man I will most definitely be there. I found there ring tones online for free, can you believe it FREE!!!

TRILLI TRILL is the future of rap, just tell me where to go to the store and get one and Im there.


m said...

Its so good to see people making a positive song that kids of all ages and adults can have fun to. I going to pray that the Police Athletic league latches on to it and plays it to keep our kids off the streets and out of gangs.

They have my support.

Keep up the good work guys,

Laura Anderson

micheal said...

This songs Awesome. Hope up on the scene extra Ordanary, im so fly i might do the jason terry. Im gonna bring it to basketball practice tomorrow at South Oak Cliff high school we go be doing da Jason Terry TrilliTrill.