Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rick Barry; The Potrait of Awesome

I always wondered what the heck was up with Rick Barry. I knew he was an awesome baller and lead The Warriors to the NBA Championship in 1975, but I also had heard that he was a dick. I had a relatively blank slate on Mr. Barry when he was on KNBR 680 with Rod Brooks on the mid-day show a few years back and hadn't thought much about him since.

That is until I decided to listen to the Simmons Podcast last week where Billy Boy interviewed Tony Kornheiser of current PTI fame. Part of the discussion centered on the excellent article Kornheiser wrote in 1983 about Rick Barry. And the point of this post is to have you check out this splendid prose (thanks to SI Vault) that reveals so much about an incredible NBA player that it makes me hate the walls that these guys put up today....that is, until, Twitter hit the scene and sent Michael Beasley to rehab.

Was Rick Barry really a dick? Or was he just so competitive that he would do whatever it took to win (a-la Tiger Woods chucking his club into the bushes last week and making Steve Williams, his caddy, go get it)? Perhaps we will never know the truth.

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