Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DeShawn Stevenson; Abe Lincoln & Pittsburg Pirates Fan

Washington Wizard DeShawn Stevenson showed up to training camp with a few new pieces of ink. The increasingly popular face tattoos show a "crack" on his forehead and a backwards Pittsburg Pirates "P" on his left cheekbone. There's also a "Londyn" scribble referring to his 1 year old son. Last, but definitely not least, DeShawn has a 5 dollar bill on his neck.

The Baseline and Ball Don't Lie have some pretty good thoughts on what all this awesome ink means.

If you happened to creep down into the comments section of The Baseline article, you might haved seen the supposed real meaning of DS's tats. Peep this: The P is a symbol of the People Nation gang, which claims the Bloods and Latin Kings among its allies. Among their symbols is the number 5, which explains the neck tattoo. Stevenson is a thug and an active gang member.

That being said, can the opening of NBA training camps be touted a little more? There's some seriously cool shit that we learn every year on this Monday. Monta Ellis this year saying he can't play with Stephen Curry not to mention the Stack Jack "praying hands" tattoo on the belly of 2007. This is some good stuff.

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