Thursday, September 3, 2009

NBA Stories: Rubio & Artest

This week in "NBA Offseason Stories" leads us to a few doozies.

I have read many-a Sportsguy/Bethlehem Shoals/Mark Stein article about how Wolves GM David Khan totally botched the Ricky Rubio situation. Well, these guys should probably understand the facts before commenting. Assuming that Tim Powers of is not lying, here's a great article talking about what happened to Ricky "The Human Mop" Rubio: CHECK IT . The only thing you can fault Khan for at this point was taking two PG's back to back.....which is actually still pretty dumb now that I think about it.

OK, I get it: Ron Artest is totally frigging nutjob wacko weird. But weirdness can be a good thing. CHECK IT

Props to True Hoop for posting these articles today. What, you think I actually read and with my 9 morning Five Hour Energy shots?

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