Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bill Dance Tennesse Fisherman: Shittiest Fisherman EVER

I laughed very hard at these bloopers. I really want to go fishing with this guy:


Hyland said...

Wholly shit, this is so hilarious/accident prone that it seems fake!! But its not!

Go Volunteers?

Toddmy said...

"Orange Pride" indeed. I think I shed a tear laughing at that vid.

The Nextian said...

I sent this video to my father in law Jim who has ties to Tennessee. Here is what Jim's cousin Bob said about Bill Dance:

You may be closer to Bill Dance than you realize. Bill was born and raised in Memphis. His dad was a dentist there. He started his career as a professional bass fisherman back when tournament fishing first began with the B.A.S.S. organization I met him several times when I lived in Memphis. However, your connection is this: Bill was the grandson of Paul Dance who owned Dance's Phamacy in Lynchburg - you remember - where we used to get those great milk shakes. Bill actually learned to fish in Lynchburg on Mulberry Creek, tutored by his grandfather, Paul Dance. Bill spent a lot of his summers in Lynchburg and used to pal around with my first cousins, Bill & Larry Majors. Bill Dance was one of the first, if not the first, to use deep water structure tactics to find big bass. Bill was (and is, I suppose) somewhat of a character. He was always promoting a lure made by one of the big lure manufacturers and swore up and down he caught his big fish on that particular lure, although some of the rest of us "lesser" fishermen knew better. There are a number of those "blooper" videos of Bill Dance - enough in fact that Bill produced his own video full of fishing bloopers featuring himself several years ago. Although these videos may well be true, don't put it past Bill to stage these antics for the laughs (and attention) - he would do that. Mr. Paul Dance (Lynchbur pharmacist) had a quite impressive collection of old 78 rpm records in the attic. I'm sure Mr. Dance was dismayed when he went up stairs and found them all in small pieces on the floor - because one of Bill's favorite pasttimes was going into the attic and sailing those records against the wall and shattering them all over the floor. I wasn't there - but Larry Majors was. A great fishermen he is - but also quite a character.