Thursday, January 21, 2010

Warriors vs. Nuggets: 1/21/10 orangino edit

"NOW WAIT A MINUTE! WAIT A MINUTE! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" Tolliver should have gotten free throws at the end of regulation! Well, maybe not. But Monta does have a thing for fouling Nuggets at the end of quarters. To channel some Iverson "Practice" Press Conference: How is Monta supposed to be a franchise player if he's out there fouling at the end of quarters? Not getting outta the way. Not getting outta the way. But fouling. How's he supposed to make to make his teammates better by fouling? ("The Bears are who we thought they were!!")

Another amazingly efficient game for "Who's ready for" the loss. And a big "suck it" to all the Maggette haters. I like the guy's hustle AND his hussle. Aside from the random ill-timed jumper (like Monta doesn't take any of those, does he?), which he doesn't take many of, he knows who he is and just gets to the line all frigging day. Teams know he is going to drive and can't do anything about it. And do I have to mention he makes almost every free throw? As always, enjoy the orangino edit:

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