Thursday, January 28, 2010

Warriors vs. Hornets: 11/27/10 orangino edit

I watched this game last night on DVR and just skipped the entire 4th Quarter (although I did make sure that the Warriors didn't somehow come back by FF'ding to the last 4 minutes). The Dubs were down 27 at one point in the 3rd after a 7 point halftime deficit. Barf in mouth gross.

The first quarter was a lot of fun with Monta racking up the assists and not shooting. It was good to see Beans put together some decent moves and actually catch some passes that were thrown to him. I swear, some assistant coach just needs to rifle basketballs at this guy in practice from 20 feet away screaming "if it hit's your hands, you catch it!!" Shit, the Warriors were actually shooting like 56% at halftime! (a guess.........there's no way I'm researching that)

But then the effort died. Mix that in with a little bit of CP-3 doing his thang on a Hornets team that has been playing really well and you have a serious ass kicking of the Dubs. Congrats to the Hornets for hanging around and playing like some sort of cost effective version of their former 59 win selves. I thought that there was the potential for them to drift away with all of their issues earlier this year. But CP-3 is magic. New Orleans fans should count their blessings.........or whatever their vodoo religion tells them to count.

As always, here's the orangino edit. That dude can make any shitball Warriors game fun to watch in 9 minutes or less! Wait a second, this one was only 1:49? That just tells you how bad that game was:

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