Monday, January 4, 2010

Podcast of the Year: Adam Carolla

The Carolla Radio Podcast is one of the best things going these days. Aceman and his cronies have put out incredible amounts of really entertaining content over this past year and were recently rewarded with the iTunes "Podcast of the Year" designation. Nice work fellas. If you haven't checked out Adam Carolla yet, you don't deserve the moniker of "Nextian" next to your name and can seriously just get the fuck out of the limo. Like now. Don't even bother throwing in your share. Just leave, you damn buzz kill. More hoochies for Bilbo.

In my blatantly humble opinion, Joe Rogan with Adam Carolla was the best episode from 2009. I make sure to listen to this specific episode every few months just to expand my mind & keep it real up in the field, aiight?

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Hyland said...

fukcin tits yeah, donnie.