Thursday, January 7, 2010

Refs Shaft Warriors

The Warriors 1/5/10 loss vs. the Nuggets will be put in the Dubs-Getting-Shafted Pantheon/Storage Locker. An incredible game to watch turned into one of the biggest screw jobs of all time.

Does the above picture look like Monta fouled JR Smiff? C'mon now. Thanks to cameras being everywhere during NBA games, Referres cannot get away with their Tim Donaghy bullshit. But will the League Office (Csar Stern) ever issue any statement about this? Hell no. The fans get their collective noses rubbed in shit with no explanation. But please do pay for league pass and buy a few overpriced jerseys on

If you care to watch the incredible offense and lack of Denver D through some highlights followed by the 3 BS situations that ended this game, check out the vid. It's a great edit:

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