Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warriors vs. Bulls 11/18/10: orangino edit

Our pal on YouTubes orangino put together another solid edit of the Warriors MLK Day victory over the VDN-led Chicago Bulls. As Barnett said, "compassion" led to Andris' 1st FT make of the season:


Hyland said...

Gal Dangit Monta is so SICK this year! He's really stepped it up and will be in the All-Star game by next Seazin. Please hang on to him, Warriors.

Bilbo Baggins said...

Steph Curry is legit. What ever happened to teams with big guards tearing through Ellis and Curry? That's all "experts" would talk about before the season started. face to John Hollinger?

The Nextian said...

Yeah fcuk Hollinger but I think Monta was Steph's biggest "we can't play together" critic. I hope Monta finally realizes how much better it is to be positive now that Stack Jackholeson is gone. Career year? Yes.