Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gorilla Juiceheads


You can get your Jersey Shore Nickname HERE

I'm now known as "Deltoid". Fist pump!!


Hyland said...


Bilbo Baggins said...


So on the mark. I am obviously ripped from HGH, but I also rock tasty licks on my guitar. Swayze.

The Nextian said...

Bilbo has a WAY better nickname than me (Deltoid). I am named after one muscle while he has an entire persona. Although it does sound like Deltron and that dude is one bodacious rapper.

It is kind of weird to say that "Bilbo" has a nickname. Sort of like Bilbo is your real name. Bilbo, why do you make us ask for "James" when we call you at work?

Hyland said...

James? Who the fuck is James?

The Nextian said...

James is that Gorilla Juicehead who works down the street from us.

Toddmy said...

"Tan Jovi" for Toddmy