Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gil Zero: The Definitive Statement

Yes, that is a pre-game picture of Gil-Zero shooting guns and saying that he was just doing that touchdown dance from "Any Given Sunday". Yes, the picture above was taken before yesterday's game amidst all of the unloaded-gun-flashing madness. Yes, this afternoon Gilbert Arenas was suspended indefinitely from the NBA for his follies. And to get the DEFINITIVE STATEMENT on the entire situation, please read our Definitive NBA Statement Maker, Kelly Dwyer by clicking on those words "DEFINITIVE STATEMENT" up there. Or for those that are too lazy to move their mouse upward, just click HERE.

P.S. I sure am glad that the Warriors' rush-offer to Gil a few years back after Baron signed with The Clippers didn't happen. He would have no doubt shot Nellie.

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